Monday, January 9, 2017

Isaac's 14th Birthday

As some of you know, when Jill and her kids are involved, birthdays have a theme, and a color scheme. 
 This year Isaac chose green, and SNAKES! And he chose to have it at my house. 

I don't like snakes, but I thought I could come up with something snakey that I could live with. 
The centerpiece needs explanation. 
This is "Snakey". He is a piece of driftwood Isaac found on the beach at Rockaway at least five years ago. He had to come home with us and he lives in our garden, in a small patch of ivy at the base of a big cedar tree. Snakey got to come to the party. 

Aunt Jan joined us for the festivities.
 So did John, Jill's new guy in her life. We dined on mac and cheese and broccoli, Isaac's choices, and fruit salad. 
Then there were gifts. 
The singing cupcakes card was a hit. 

 The Seahawks were represented. 
 These two are quite the hams in front of a camera these days. 
 There was a bunch of Pokemon stuff, which most of us adults don't understand. 

 But John actually knew who this is! I still don't. 
And there was cake. 
 Snake cake! Another great Jill creation.
 I have been blogging since April of 2008. This was the first photo I posted of Isaac. He was five. Many of you have watched him grow up following my blog. 
Now Isaac is 14!
 Happy Birthday, Isaac. Have another wonder filled year. 


  1. Another fun Reeder birthday. Isaac, this is my least favorite of your parties. It was nice to be introduced to John. Our Caleb turns 14 in March. It was fun enjoying another Reeder family event.

  2. I'm always impressed with your imagination, what a great snake interpretation for the party. Happy Birthday to Isaac.

  3. You and your family know how to throw a bash! I like the snake balloons. It was fun seeing the photo of Jake at five. He's still a handsome kid!

  4. You guys are just party animals in the nicest kind of way.

  5. Wonderful. You are a great party planner. My grandchildren never would spend a birthday at my house. Unfortunately, they have friends and must have something like a special place to visit. I do miss that!

  6. Forgot to write that your banner is phenomenal.

  7. You're a Grandma who can rally throw a birthday party.

  8. Wow! Now that's a birthday like none I ever had. Isaac is indeed growing up right in front of my eyes, along with Irene. I've enjoyed seeing it all, and I must say, that cake is brilliant! :-)

  9. it's amazing how fast our grandchildren grow up...into almost adults. What a fun party and cake! Glad Jill is finding companionship@

  10. Wow, 14 already. Time certainly flies! Happy belated birthday to Isaac. Jill did a great job on the cake and the grandma did a terrific job with the snake theme.

  11. Impossible he is 14 but I guess it happens when we don't look. You ought to cater parties. Wow-- the decorations and cake were amazing. You set the bar high.

  12. Happy Birthday Isaac! Isaac is such a handsome boy. This is the first time I've seen the picture of him at five years old. Wasn't he adorable! Your do have two beautiful grandchildren. Of course, look at their beautiful mother! I love a party at your house! Thank you! That snake cake is something else. Jill is so talented.

  13. Happy birthday, Isaac! Aloha from Hawaii.
    What a beautiful party.

  14. Happy birthday to Isaac! I like the driftwood snake a lot better than any real looking one!

  15. hahaha happy birthday to dear Issac may he see many more in future !
    either i do not like snakes[as back in village i killed more than seven] but on table they look interesting .
    your grand kids are adorable .
    you have wonderful family .
    thank you for sharing the joy of family with us dear friend!
    Happy new year.

  16. Happy Birthday, Isaac! It's been interesting watching your grands grow -- 14 is such an interesting milestone.
    Glad nothing crawled out of Snakey while he visited inside!
    Love that you dined on such beautiful china and Isaac got to choose his menu of mad and cheese. Sweet.
    And also glad that Jill has someone in her life.

  17. Happy 14th birthday Issac!! He is growing up so fast! I bet the cake was red velvet...Jill made a great cake...and your balloons are cute...I would not be thrilled with the snake theme either:)

  18. I am just in love with these cute photos from Isaac's 14th Birthday. Everything looks awesome. All your décor ideas would be useful for my son’s birthday bash that is coming soon in a week. We would be hosting an outdoor party at the best garden LA event venues and I will love to use these table décor ideas for that.


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