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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Northwest Flower and Garden Show - Part 2, Market Place Arts

There are so many temptations at this show, and most of them aren't even plants. 

Here is what you can buy to decorate your garden or your garden shed or your garden room, or .......yourself!

 This potter was new to the show. He makes exquisite pottery prayer wheels, which spin and reveal remarkable designs all the way around. They are very Pacific Northwest in flavor. I loved the kingfisher on the pot above, one of my favorite island birds. 

 Bob's Rustic Sheds are so much fun, and he is a Whidbey Island guy.
 These birds rock,
 and these are stoned,, stone. 

 Oh, look! Pot heads!
 This vendor is one of my favorites. I have several pieces, and I bought another - that cute sunflower face in the photo below. 
 We love Rusty Birds, too. We have some, and we bought more. I'll have to show you what we did with them. 

 I resisted buying any more fused glass bugs from this vendor. 

Of course there was much more than this sample. I just picked out some of my favorites and those that make pretty pictures. 

Maybe in my next post I'll show some actual plants!


  1. Ohmygod! Such beautiful things! I specifically love the glass (or plastic?) things in the third from the top and the third from the bottom photos.

  2. Wow! We see a little of this here, but not much. this is one fantastic show.

  3. As always, I prefer all the bright colored glass pieces.

  4. Such pretty decorations, your sunflower girls seems to be the best choice, she made me smile too. Those Rocks ...rock:)

  5. A joy to stroll with you and see all the gorgeous goodies on display. I would definitely have been tempted with some of the glass pieces.

  6. I would love to shop there...what fun stuff!

  7. I would definitely leave my credit cards at home!

  8. What a talented, creative group you have there. I just loved the sunflower faces but I could find a place for just about any of the other creations.

  9. We are very lucky to live in a region of the country where there are so many fantastic artists and craftspeople. The vendors at the show are always one of the highlights for me. It's fun to see what some of our favorite artists have come up with since the previous year.

  10. Wonderful yet again! I love the vendors at the Flower Show. :-)


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