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Friday, June 14, 2013

A Grand Father's Day

Because of busy schedules, we celebrated Grandfather's Day today.

Jill had meetings to attend, so she dropped the kids off at 11:00 this morning.  They brought their bikes, and soon we headed out, first to the local school to ride around on the blacktop, and then we loaded bikes and kids into the van to drive to the Green River Trail at River Bend Golf Course.

First stop was the fishing hole.

 It didn't take Irene long to locate the new little ducklings.

 Around the pond we checked out the totem pole...
 ...and another duck family. These four ducklings have survived the infant stage and are well on their way to becoming adult Mallards.

 Then we hit the trail along the golf course
 following the bends in the river.

 What's Isaac doing?  Oh, stopping to pick clover.  They like to suck the nectar from the pink clover.

 The kids rode on ahead.  Tom and I were walking. We checked out the garden at the old Neely Mansion just alongside the trail while the kids rode to the turn around point.

 Here they come.  it's time to head back home for lunch.
With everyone fed, we all occupied ourselves.  Tom mowed the lawn.  Isaac had screen time.  Irene and I toured the garden to see what was blooming, and to pick a few things.  

 Irene's flower shop is looking good.
 The kids made cards for Grandpa, and Isaac and I played a game.  When Jill arrived we had wine and root beer and cheese and crackers on the patio, and then Jill and the kids played while Tom and I got dinner organized.  We grilled teriyaki chicken sticks, asparagus and foil pocket potatoes, accompanied with corn on the cob and fresh fruit.

 Grandpa loved his cards from Jill and the kids.  After dinner we played Scattergories for a while before having dessert - raspberry cobbler and ice cream.
It was a grand day.


  1. Wow, that really was a delightful day for all.
    Love that final shot. Those smiles tell it all.

  2. how sweet-a fun day with the grandparents!

  3. The ducklings are so cute. The totem pole looks very much like the poles we saw in Alaska. Your grandchildren look like they are fun visitors. I love playing with my grandchildren too.

  4. What a fine family you've got there, Linda. I love your pictures of the wonderful day, spent with your precious grands. Those little ducklings are so cute!

  5. Glad you all had a fun time together. I would have appreciated sitting outside and eating cheese and crackers, too. Happy Father's Day, Tom!

  6. We have a River Bend golf course here too. We have lots of trails but not paved. Like yours it's a great natural area to spend and afternoon in.

  7. You find the best walks! Love the little ducklings!

  8. I especially love the photo of Tom and the grandkids. That flower arrangement of Irene's is so lovely. She's a chip off of the ol' blocks.

  9. Looks like a wonderful time. I've enjoyed catching up on here.

    Kathy M.


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