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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday With My Sister

I was really glad when my sister Laurie called to ask "What are you doing Sunday?"

We had nothing planned, and I needed an outing.  

Laura and Arn live near Winlock, WA, so we agreed to meet somewhere in between.  We had some Open Gardens through the Northwest Perennial Alliance in Pierce County that were available to visit that we could include.

We met up at 10:00 at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge just south of Olympia.  Here the Nisqually River empties into Puget Sound, and the delta, which was once diked for farmland, has been recently restored to its natural wetland state.

 Wetlands overlook at the visitors center.

 Swallows enjoyed the bug menu while flitting over the wetlands.

 Geese and ducks lounged and dabbled and nibbled.
 Baby Mergansers!  So cute.
 We walked and talked for several hours, just enjoying being out of doors in nature in mild weather with good company.

 I just took my little Canon camera, not wanting to carry around my big camera, so Mr. (or Mrs.) Baldy is a bit fuzzy headed.
We ate a picnic lunch at the delta before heading east to Graham to The Chase Garden, a now owned by The Garden Conservancy, a national organization that preserves outstanding American gardens.

 Many of the bloomers were just past their prime, but this is still a lovely place.

 It is most noted for its meadow like viewing area of Mt Rainier.
 But of course the clouds teased us with only the slimmest glimpses of the mountain top or edges.  Mt Rainier is hiding just above those trees to the right in this photo.  We have been here when it was in full view, and it is amazing.

 It was about 3:15 when we headed about five miles north to the Old Goat Farm Garden and Nursery.
I'm not sure if the name refers to this old goat, or the two guys who own it and have created this wonderful garden.  

 I do know that these old goats enjoyed visiting the "farm".

Thanks the the good day, Laurie and Arnie.


  1. Linda, the thing that impresses me in people like you, and other life long Pacific Northwest people I've known, is the beauty never becomes common to you. Everyday you are as impressed with the beauty that surrounds you as I am as a new PNW dweller. It's fresh every morning. I love it.

  2. Beautiful gardens. The Old Goat Farm looks especially intriguing to me.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you, Linda H. You are so right, at least as it concerns this girl born and raised in Oregon, lived all my adult life in Washington. And wonderfully, I have found that same beauty everywhere I have traveled.

  5. Love the gardens and especially the peacock! Thank you for including pictures of you and your sister, I was hoping you would. :-)

  6. This was such a lovely place to catch up with family. I'm glad you all enjoyed your day.

  7. You do live in such a beautiful part of the world. I thank you once again for sharing with us all.

  8. sounds like a lovely outing...

  9. Got tickled at possible reason for name of Old Goat Farm.
    Such a beautiful place you live in. Like Linda said, I am glad you have never taken the area for granted and still see the beauty for then you share with us.
    Sounds like a perfect day.

  10. That peacock is beautiful. Love its colors. I am glad you like being in nature and enjoy photographing it. Your treat for the day.

  11. That peacock is beautiful. Love its colors. I am glad you like being in nature and enjoy photographing it. Your treat for the day.

  12. Those rock columns inside the wire frames are a pretty creation. So many beautiful plants in the great Pacific Northwest. The wildlife is spectacular too.

  13. You go to the most beautiful places and take the most awesome photos, Linda. How wonderful to get to spend time with your sister. I love it!

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