Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Father of My Children

I remember my father fondly.  He was a good man and a good father.  But he has been gone now for a long time.

The father that we honor now, this weekend, is my husband, the father of my children.
Yes, we were all younger once.  Those were very busy times. I think Jill just had her braces removed and Jake had his teeth recently wired up.  Jill was in Campfire and I was the leader.  Jake played soccer and Tom was the coach.   There were track meets and soccer games and school activities and all that goes with active parenting.

I worked part time, and Tom was a full time teacher.  But we always had dinner together, and debriefed our day.  Our lives centered on our work and our family.  

Time passes.  Families grow up and have kids of their own.  
Here we are two years ago, all meeting up in Colorado to attend a soccer match, of course.  

Now Jill and the kids live near us again.  We spent Friday with them, as documented in my last post.  Today we will meet up with son Jake to have dinner together in a brew pub, our usual venue when Jake is involved.

Parenting is a job for life.  Tom spent much of Friday with his grandkids and daughter.  Yesterday we spent several hours watching our grandson's baseball team win the first round of the Champions Tournament.  It was amazing to see how much skill ten year olds can have.  Today we will spend time with son Jake.

And this week we will be helping Jill transform her storage unit and her house into better working order.  It will involve lifting and carrying and sorting and repacking and moving and transporting and rearranging.  But that's what dads do, for as long as they can.  Tom has quite a few more years of giving in him, for his kids and grandkids.

Happy Father's Day, Tom.  We love you.

Happy Father's day to all of you dads out there.


  1. What a great family! Happy Father's Day, Tom!

  2. I just love your strong family values AND the sense that you are not a conservative Republican because of it.

  3. You're right, it is a job for life and I'm grateful to still have my dad around. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Sorry, I just had to LOL at Olga's comment but I totally second it.

  5. Well, said. I'm sure that Tom will appreciate it. And say, he was a teacher ! that can't be all bad? I was a teacher for 37 years. It was a good life.

  6. I love that old picture of you without white hair, Linda. You look the same. Happy Father's Day to Tom, a day late. I got four good skydives in yesterday but got behind on blogging. :-)

  7. What a nice tribute to your husband. It tells a lot about you and your involvement with your kids also! Nice family with lots of interesting things to do.

  8. This loving Father's Day tribute to your husband left me with goose bumps. What a wonderful family man to a dear family!

  9. I had to come over from Confessions of a Grandma b/c of the talk about Olga's comment. He, he ... you guys have too much fun!
    P.S. Luv your photo!

  10. Linda, hi, I am glad to have a chance to visit your page once again. I'm imagining your garden is doing well, as usual, and you've had many family adventures since I was here last. I have catching up to do.
    Ive tried to post from my phone, but really haven't been on in awhile.
    So , hi, and hope your summer goes well

  11. Happy belated Fathers's Day to Tom. You do truly have such a beautiful family. You and Tom are the kind of grandparents that every child would love to have.


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