Saturday, June 22, 2013

Solstice Saturday

What a beautiful day this first Saturday of Summer has turned out to be!

We spent the morning touring Soos Creek Botanical Garden with our garden club.  

 The long borders drop down the hillside from the lily pond.

 The Kalmia (mountain laurel) were very berautiful in the back borders.

 Seating in the vegetable garden was a welcome rest for some.

 The rose garden was at it's best.

 We were back home in time for a late lunch on our patio.

Now Tom is mowing the lawn and I will do a bit of puttering in the garden.  Then I'm coming back to the patio to read.

I'll put together a light early dinner, and then we'll settle in front of the TV at 6:30 for a Sounders match being played in Salt Lake City.

There should be time afterward for a short walk in the neighborhood before sun goes down and as the twilight lingers.

Aaaaah - Summer!


  1. It's been a beautiful day here in the far Northeast, too. My Jackmani clematis is just coming into bloom your photo of Jackmani reminded me of mine. I'll post photos soon of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. They're beautiful, too.

  2. What a beautiful garden to wander in. We have nothing like that here.
    Sounds like you just had and planned to continue a perfect day.
    Don't forget the giant moon tonight.

  3. Another beautiful garden! I love the water area with the water lilies. What a nice way to spend a beautiful Pacific NW day!
    Thanks Arkansas Patti for the reminder about the moon! Should be great viewing with our clear sky!

  4. I'll say you had a good start to your summer. There's only one problem touring a garden like that...not enough time.

  5. We also had a beautiful day. My mind was willing but my body was not. I've had a terrible bout today with sciatica. No gardening for me. Perhaps pulling up hardy geranium runners yesterday wasn't such a good idea after all. Rats!

  6. Beautiful. Nothing like a summer day--it's what we always remember. Our first day of summer was warm and muggy with rain in the afternoon. My sister-in-law was here to visit and we had a marvelous time enjoying each other's company.

  7. I had a wonderful wonderful first day of summer, too. I played in the air with my friends and hopefully will get some time in my garden today. The rain is coming! :-)

  8. That Mountain Laurel is stunning. I would love to see it in bloom. I enjoyed your garden walk:)

  9. Ah summer is right but wait a minute---it is raining and windy. Phooey! But we are PNW natives so rain just means we don't have to water the garden. LOL!
    Where is Soos Creek? It looks magical. MB

  10. What beautiful gardens you visited! I was in the Seattle area all last week enjoying that wonderful weather - such a treat! I had to make a visit to Molbak's Nursery in Woodenville and Watson's Nursery in Puyallup to look at all the luscious lovely plants that I can't grow here at 3400 feet, zone 5... But somehow I managed to fill the car pretty full with hardy plants that should survive here!

  11. What a wonderful day! You do have the most interesting and gorgeous flowers. I feel relaxed just seeing the photos on this post.

  12. I'm drooling!! What a delightful place. Of course, the waterlilies are my favorite pictures. They came out so well, so crisp and colorful. There is a Botanical Garden in Halifax that is almost as nice!! I've only been once, but what a special treat it was.


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