Greetings from Seattle

Monday, August 1, 2016


As we enter into late July and early August here in Puget Sound country, we experience a phenomenon we call "nature's air conditioning". 

You see, we sit on the shore of the large inland sea, or fjord, if you will, that is Puget Sound, and we are separated from the vast Pacific Ocean only by the Olympic Mountain Range. 
All of that cold salt water creates our "marine climate".

And so, as the heat of mid summer starts to rise it does battle with the onshore flow of the prevailing westerly winds, and we get fog.

Every morning now we are waking up to cool temps and white sky. It's great for walking.

 And then, sometime between 10:00 and noon, the sun overpowers the fog, and it burns away to clear blue sky. However, with the cool start to the day, the temperature stays in the mid seventies. 

Yesterday it was still overcast as we boarded the light rail to attend a Sounders match at the stadium.  The match started at 1:00 and the sky was just beginning to clear.
 By half time, the sky over Elliot Bay was bright blue.
 When the game ended at 3:00 the crowd streamed out of the stadium to enjoy a lovely late afternoon. 
Today, as I type at 1:00 the sky has cleared and the temp has reached 67, heading for about 75.

Some people dislike our natural air conditioning, and I admit, waking to bright sunshine is a true pleasure around here, but we true North Westerners also enjoy the cooler temps, and I appreciate being able to exercise and work during cool mornings.

Of course there are some other unwelcome aspects of August here in our yard.

Since we water our yard and nobody around us does, by now the moles have fewer options for easy digging and finding tasty underground morsels. They come to the Reeder Restaurant, and as they tunnel just under the surface, the raccoons come at night and dig up the runs, also looking for goodies. The result is a mess, and one we will battle now until the fall rains.

But we live with it. Our garden takes on a less than perfect look now, and we put up with that too. 

We do still have pretty.
Happy August!


  1. I don't have to tell you how much I love the PNW summers. I fled the Texas heat. This summer has been beyond wonderful in my opinion. I've heard an occasional grumble from native Oregonians wishing it were warmer and I always think to myself they have no idea what they're asking for. They would cry like babies in a Texas summer. I know because I cried and I was a native Texan.

    The blue skies never get old to me in the PNW. The white puffy clouds are gorgeous and the brightest colors in rainbows I've ever seen.

  2. Those foggy mornings followed by sunny afternoons are not far off for us either.
    Nasty moles and raccoons making a mess of your lovely yard.

  3. We woke to clear blue skies this morning, and a temperature of 50! It was wonderful, if you ask me. We are beginning to see signs of mole activity, too. I didn't realize it's because it's drying up that is causing them to look elsewhere for dinner. :-)

  4. It helps if you know how your weather works. You also are more able to live with it and be happy.

  5. How perfectly wonderful this must be!!! I have visited there in June and July in past years and loved every single minute!
    Here I sit in Texas where it may not be any cooler than 80 degrees tonight and promises to be 100+ tomorrow. Your lush greenery and natural air conditioning sounds like heaven to me!

  6. I live in a coastal village on the East Coast of England, we have a lot of foggy/misty mornings too. Hopefully they are another month or so away yet. Shame about the moles and racoons as you have a stunning garden.

  7. I wouldn't mind that type of weather myself.

  8. Your summers sound absolutely perfect. Fog is my friend. It is 102 here today, not so friendly.

  9. Fog and critters don't seem to deter you. I am fighting so many critters and bugs and a vole in my garden, my tiny little impossible garden, but I am inspired to enjoy the beauty of what is left alone thanks to you. August already? I am aghast. Well, maybe I'm not aghast, but it does rhyme somewhat with August, and I am amazed that we have left July behind. Where is the summer going?

  10. Voles and chipmunks became the bane of my existence when I owned land. Still have them around the condo, but they are less of a concern to me!

  11. Sounds like Heaven to me. I would love to take a stroll in that temp. Beautiful blue sky.

  12. I love our weather too. Another benefit here with the marine air and TREES is that we usually have low humidity.
    I always know that if we have heavy dew in the morning it will be hot in the afternoon. Nice!

  13. Summer is flying! Hard to believe that it's August already and in only a couple of weeks it'll be time to start putting my classroom together for the coming school year.


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