Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, August 20, 2016

August Blooms and Bugs

We were destined for another hot day. I went out into the garden before breakfast to pick flowers for the house before it got too warm. 

 Then, because I wanted to keep moving but it was too hot to walk or garden, I took photos. 
Impatiens and plectranthus
 Rosa Gertrude Jekyll 
 Rosa Bonica, I think, with a green bug. 

 Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff with honey bee
 Hardy fuchsias

 Kaffir lily, Schizostylis coccinea, under attack
 Sedum spectable with tiny butterfly.
 Second bloom of Spirea Magic Carpet with bumble bee. 

 These guys, garden spiders, are everywhere. Ugh. Webs in the face. 
 Orange cosmos with honey bee.

 Sweet peas
 French marigolds
 Chocolate sunflower

 Crocosmia and nepeta
 Hardy geranium ( cranesbill) 
White variegated sedum
Oregon Grape - native mohonia
One of our tall native dogwoods is re-blooming. 
Winged seeds on Japanese maple
Not pretty, the mole and raccoon damage continues. 
Bumble bee lifting the skirt of the fuchsia ballerina. 

A great motto - Live, laugh, love. Eat chocolate. 
Pelargonium (geranium) Persian Queen
Hydrangea blooms in two stages-old and new. 
The full moon maple in the front yard is dropping seeds onto the sidewalk
Mixed planting and volunteers in new bed by the driveway
Lower back yard - the sunny part of the garden
We are supposed to get on-shore flow by Sunday morning, our natural air conditioning. I hope so. Temps in the 90's are too much for us delicate coastal northwestern  flowers. 


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I bet you have had it with the moles and that raccoon. You could live trap the coon. Hope you cool off! We are cool here the high was 65 F here today...headed for lows in the 40's tonight:)

  2. Just beautiful. Sorry about those moles. They did make a mess. I don't think we get them in Texas or, at least, I've never seen them. Of course with the raccoons and possums, I don't think there is much yard left to be shared by creatures of the night.

  3. Today (Sunday) is just lovely in our part of the woods. Because of you, I know many more flowers by name. Thank you! :-)

  4. Your certainly have a beautiful garden, stunning blooms everywhere a feast for the eyes.

  5. It really must be hot if you don't want to walk or garden. Love the photo trip you took us on instead. It is evidently not too hot for the flowers for they look marvelous.

  6. You sure have a beautiful yard and garden!

  7. Your mixed bouquets are amazing. In fact, all your flowers are amazing. I did not know that a variegated Sedum existed. Hmmm. I wonder if I could make room for one...

  8. Today has been absolutely splendid with temps in the low 80s. All your flower arrangements are better than a florist would do but I especially love the sweet peas. Thanks for the book suggestion on my blog. I ordered it immediately.

  9. Ah pretty flowers---a wonderful time of the year.
    Yes it has been hot hot hot but not quite so hot up here in the Stanwood/Conway area. We topped out at 87 but too hot nonetheless.
    I have cut back or taken out a lot of plants here---dead or dying and then again new flowers continue.
    Love the weather yesterday and today. As you said our wonderful marine air making a comeback.

  10. I simply can't imagine having flowers pretty enough to pick and bring inside. The sweet peas are just beautiful! I haven't missed looking at any of your latest posts, but for some reason just when I start to leave a comment, my husband calls me or needs the computer.

  11. So pretty! I don't so much mind the 90 degree days when the nights cool off but the couple of evenings that stayed hot were a bit rough.


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