Monday, August 15, 2016

Going to Rockaway Beach

Each summer we spend some time at the Norquist Family cabin on the beach in Rockaway on the Oregon coast. It has been a family destination for almost 40 years, since  my mom and dad bought it with the help of my sister and brother-in-law. 

Our kids were about two and four when we first started going. There were a few years when Tom and I went by ourselves as empty nesters, and we do go on our own during the fall and spring for a few days, but it is more fun again now that we have grandchildren to go with. 

We travel down I-5 to Longview, where we cross the Columbia River from Washington into Oregon. 
 There was a log truck on the bridge, of course.
 Longview is a major port for shipping logs and lumber overseas. 

 Then we follow the river west to Astoria, where the Columbia meets the Pacific Ocean. 
 Then we go south down the Coast Highway 101 until we finally reach our destination!

Jill and the kids had arrived the day before. It was late afternoon when we arrived, bringing the fixings for dinner with us.  After dinner we all went for a walk on the beach road. 

 It was cloudy but very calm, as you can see from the glass like finish on the lake along the highway. 
 We checked out the new attraction, the Pronto Pup diner. We would have to come back when it was open. 
We spent the rest of the evening watching the Olympics and eating Tillamook ice cream. 

The next morning we were disappointed to find the Garibaldi bakery was not open, so we ended up at the Starbucks in the Fred Meyer store in Tillamook, where we then spent much of the rest of the morning marathon shopping for food for the next few days, and even some school clothes for Irene. 

The sun was having a hard time burning off the fog, so it was cloudy when we finally got out onto the beach to walk and read and play. 

 This house sits just in front of our cabin and a bit south. It was built about five years ago, but should never have been permitted. See those upright logs? They are what is left of the bulkhead the city built about 15 years ago. In the last five years the beach erosion here has been severe. The owner of the house, which is a vacation rental, wants to put in rock rip rap, but he cannot get permission from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept, which has supervision of the public coastal beaches. We don't know if the house is doomed. And you can see why we were forced to put our cabin on stilts.

 Hamburgers and grilled corn on the cob were on the dinner menu. 
 The sky finally cleared just at sunset. 
More adventures tomorrow!


  1. Love that beach. Always like the driftwood there. Jill has had the niece all summer it seems, she's a special aunt.

  2. It's always so wonderful there. We haven't had any of the fog, meaning it's been pretty unseasonably warm here, but Thursday it's supposed to be in the 90s. Yikes! That beach would sure be a great place to hang out in such hot weather. :-)

  3. You have a super beach and it looks like you have it to yourself. Kids will not forget times like this at a beach.

  4. Quality time spent together at such a beautiful spot is amazing. Your Grandchildren will have some wonderful memories.

  5. It looks like a great place. Right now I'm at the beach in New Jersey, and it is HOT and HUMID. Interesting about that large house - ever since Hurricane Sandy here, all beachfront property has to be raised and even some off the beach depending on what flood zone they are in. If owners choose not to raise their houses, they face yearly flood insurance costs upwards of $10,000/year.

  6. I so enjoy your Rockaway Beach getaways! Looks like you had a great first day!


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