Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rockaway: Friday and Saturday

Friday morning found us at the Garibaldi bakery again.
 Jill had three more goodies. 
 The kids had two each. I always have the same thing - the apple fritter. They make the best apple fritters, so light and full of chopped apple. Besides, I had already eaten breakfast - a few ounces of orange juice, and a small bowl of cereal with sliced banana and blueberries. 
From the bakery we went across the tracks to visit the train. This train is a museum that no longer travels the tracks. It has been a place for kids to climb since Jill and Jake were little. We continue the tradition. 

 Jill had loaded Pokemon Go on her phone and allowed limited access to her kids. It seems there were a few to capture in Garibaldi.
 The Garibaldi docks beckoned us. That's another tradition. 
 In the parking lot, Jill had to check out the VW bus. This one is one year older than Gus-the-Bus. 
 Lots of private and charter fishing boats moor here in Tillamook Bay. 
 The Garibaldi G has been on the hillside forever. 

 Back at the cabin Jill and Irene got ready to drive back to Seattle for a concert. Yes, the Guns and Roses Tour was coming to Seattle at the same time we would be at Rockaway. What to do. 

This was Jill's favorite band growing up, and she and Jake had attended their concert in Seattle when she was nineteen years old and Jake was seventeen. She bought tickets way last spring, and Jake decided not to go. Irene had always said that she wanted to go, so at the risk of being labeled a bad mother, Jill took her eleven year old daughter to the concert. It was a long drive, but both had a wonderful time, and said it was worth it. They Facebooked this photo of them at the concert, which was held in Century link Stadium. 
Meanwhile we took advantage of good weather to spend more time on the beach. Tom and I walked and Isaac and Allie played. 

I sat on the beach and read and Tom finished the repairs to the mobile he had created last summer and rehung it. 
 In the evening we were back on the beach for a beach fire, more s'mores, and a glorious sunset. 

Saturday morning I actually cooked breakfast for the kids. Without Jill, we skipped the bakery.

Later we walked into town. As we walked along the tracks, the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad made one of its several trips a day between Garibaldi and Rockaway. 

We stopped in Rockaway at several shops and galleries.

Look at this Dandelion fluff wire sculpture!

 Allie and Isaac found a cool chess board. 
 We checked everything out at Flamingo Jim's, of course. 
 And Isaac found a kitty that looks very much like his little cat, Purr.

 As we were walking back to the cabin about noon, Jill and Irene came cruising by, yelling at us out of the car window. 

We all reunited over lunch at the cabin and heard all about the concert. Then Tom and I packed up to head back to Seattle. We were ready to be home in our own bed, in our own recliners, and to take care of our own lonely kitty. 

Besides, we had a Sounders match to go to on Sunday. We won!

Jill and the kids came home Monday, and Tuesday Allie flew back to Nebraska, just in time for her mother's birthday. 

We'll stay home for a little while, but no promises. I do promise that my next posts will NOT have so many photos! Thank you if you actually made it through this saga. 


  1. I made it through! I just want to know where Jill puts all that sinfully rich food? She wears it well. :-)

  2. It was a wonderful saga. I enjoyed every single photo. That Jill must have boundless energy.

  3. Great beaches, sunsets and food. What a great combination! It's funny you went back home!

  4. I'm really enjoying your vacation!

  5. I was surprised at your comment that Irene is 11 years old. Already? Wow, time sure does fly.

  6. Wow, that was one wonderful trip to the beach. You really know how to show the kids a great time and that fritter made my mouth water.

  7. A lovely vacation, for sure, and that truly is glorious sunset!

  8. A beautiful family in a beautiful setting. You are blessed.

  9. Lovely photos of one of my favorite places.

  10. Oh my gosh! Those are awesome photos of the beach! Each one is worthy of being framed and hung up. Gorgeous! However, I can't get my brain past those apple fritters!

  11. So much fun requires a lot of pictures! As always, enjoying your get aways vicariously through your posts is a pleasure!


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