Greetings from Seattle

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Walk in the Park

We woke this morning to a clear blue sky. By 8:45 we were out the door to begin our exercise walk. 

We have a 3.25 mile route along neighborhood streets and into a small neighborhood park. We can make it longer by adding loops in the park. As we walk be both listen to something on our devices. I usually listen to a news/talk radio station on my iPod. But yesterday at 11:00 in the morning I stopped listening to the news. I couldn't stand another news report beginning with "Donald Trump".  In fact, from now on I will just refer to him as DT. Ugh!

This winter my old iPod Nano wore out and I replaced it, but I was never able to get my iTunes program on my desktop computer to communicate well with my new device. Much of my music was missing, most noticeably my Beatles and Beach Boys tunes. I have tried several times and given up. Yesterday I decided to devote the afternoon to figuring it out. It took about an hour, but I did it! 
And so this morning there as a bit more spring in my step as I bounced along to the beat of the Beach Boys!
Yes, indeed, the Sounds of Summer!

We had company in the park. A park maintenance man was mowing. A homeless man was sleeping in his car in the parking lot. Two others were cooking their breakfast in the picnic shelter. An older woman we see often was walking her big, blond, beautiful, bushy-tailed dog, and a young mother was with her young child who was riding joyously on his tiny bike.

Good, good, good, good vibrations!

Back at home, I stomped down mole runs so Tom could mow our lawn. Then I picked new bouquets of sweet peas for the house, as overhead in the blue sky Blue Angles performance jets roared as they took off and landed at Boeing field, giving lucky passengers the ride of their lives. It's SeaFair week in Seattle. More about that in a later post. 

 My sister Laurie gave me this little old figurine for my birthday when I attended her birthday party. She gave our sister Ilene one too, for August. We are the girls of summer. My birth date is July 17, Laurie's is July 20,  and Ilene's is August 3. We have a brother in there too. Don was born July 21st. 
 This is Ruby, with her little bouquet of birthstone centered flowers.
 She looks quite lovely with her own little bouquet of sweet peas. 

Sending good vibrations to you all!


  1. REally wonderful stuff. Thank you.

  2. technology is great when it works. I remember those little ceramic dolls though I never had one. So cute!

  3. I struggle all the time with listening to radio on my devices. I've never mastered radio. I do love those sweet peas and how appropriate for the Ruby figurine. We have the Olympics for a few days to perhaps take some of the focus off DT. However, he may up and do something really wild and wooly because he cannot stand not being the center of attention. Now the GOP has two problems to focus on. This latest eruption between two factions of the party has everything it takes to get really nasty. I'm going to be watching that situation closely.

  4. You listen to some great music. I must get back using the ipad . I have to use it to learn the system.

  5. Good for you, retrieving your 'missing' music. When you get determined I think things happen!
    I had a row of those pretty figurines. Gave them my GD, all except one or two that were extra special. I despair of all the things I find "extra special". Woe to me if I ever have to move.

  6. Good for you figuring out your music. LOL, I don't use mine on walks, mostly because I can't walk and be situationally aware. I would miss out on the critters, and the birds, etc.

    Your yard is beautiful. It is too hot here for most things to be looking even half way decent. Part of my family lives in Vancouver, WA and they have beautiful flowers as well.

    1. Oh and your sweet peas are gorgeous! I would love to be able to grow them here. Thanks for sparing.

  7. Congratulations on getting your tunes back. I also laughed because I just paid for the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album so I could listen to it again. :-)

  8. Think it might be fun to stomp down mole runs to the Beach Boys. So glad you figured it out. Doesn't I make you feel good when you conquer technology?

  9. I admire your determination to not be defeated by technology.

  10. I am certainly digging the tunes. I have been known to sing while I walk - if no one is around - hahaha. I wish I had a nice nature hike to make. I love walking the neighborhood but a park like setting would be even better.


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