Greetings from Seattle

Monday, August 22, 2016

Retreat to Whidbey Island

Remember I didn't promise to stay home. 

After a busy week at home, with lots of exercise walking, yard work, cooking and house cleaning, we left home again. 

 The Mukilteo Light House, with our ferry boat in the background. 
 And away we go to Whidbey Island. 
Tom raised the flags to declare we are in residence. 
We were surprised to find blue sky. With a light breeze, the temp was holding at about 70 degrees. Wonderful!
We were tired. Sunday we had walked, and then worked in the yard until 1:00 before showering and having lunch.  Then in the late afternoon we went into the city for a Sounders match.

We were playing the Portland Timbers, our arch rival. The March to the Match was huge, thousands of people singing and chanting through clouds of green and blue smoke. We stopped outside the stadium to listen to the band, Sound Wave.

 Over 53,000 fans, for both teams, and pageantry on the field created an electric atmosphere. 
It was an intense 0-0 first half, but then the Sounders poured it on to a final victory 3-1. It was all great fun!

But, as I said, today we were tired. We did go for an afternoon walk, under two miles, and we puttered a bit, then we settled in to read and nap.

This evening we went for another walk on the beach road. 
 As we started out, it was the golden hour.
And then the sunset. 

 In the twilight, at the end of the beach road, where we always find one, we saw a heron in the lagoon.

 And then, as I was getting settled in the cabin, I heard a raucous squawk. Yep, another heron settling down right off the back yard. 
Good night!


  1. You have the most wonderful places to inhabit, Linda. I love your pictures in this one and hope you and Tom are giving yourself a chance to recover. I know you are. Sending you plenty of smiles. ;-

  2. How pretty. You sure do go to some nice places.

  3. I think it was on Facebook I saw you were seeing big white Pelicans. I'd love to see them.

  4. Beautiful skies. Love seeing the different times of day. You really get the feel of the seaside.

  5. What a treasure. I love the picture of the Golden Hour -- well all the pictures, actually.

  6. With beautiful skies and lots to do I guess you need a nap.

  7. I enjoyed seeing all your photos! Such a beautiful place! No wonder you are tired!

  8. So glad your Sounders won. Our baseball announcer, who spent some time in Seattle, mentioned the other night how much he enjoyed and admired the Sounder's march. He wished baseball had something similar.


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