Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hit the Ground Running

We got back from our four day trip to the Oregon coast last night about 9:45. I have lots of lovely photos which I will get to during the week. 

Today, Saturday, we got back into action quickly. Tom picked up Irene for her soccer game at 8:30, dropped her off and then picked me up and we were on the sidelines for the start of the game at 9:15. Irene was our responsibility today while Jill took Isaac to his soccer game farther afield. 
The Mud Dogs played a good game against a good team that resulted in a draw, 3-3. 

After the game, we took Irene home to get changed and then attended the party for the opening of the newest Link Light Rail station, just about a mile and a half from their house. 
 We thought these seats on the support columns were pretty cool. 
 One level up from the plaza the train was open for business. 
 The parking garage, with 1200 much needed parking slots, is wrapped in cool blue grill work. 
On the platform the wind sculpture "Cloud" flutters in the breeze. 
 The Sounder band, Sound Wave, entertained. 
 The view west from the platform. 
 Irene participated in a coloring activity. I did too!

We had fun taking it all in, and enjoyed a really yummy cookie too!

Then we dropped Irene off at her house, since Jill and Isaac were just about 15 minutes out, and came home for lunch. After lunch I went grocery shopping while Tom took care of a few chores at home. I put away the groceries while checking in on the PNW college football teams. Oregon State Beavers lost, the Oregon Ducks are staging a massive comeback against Colorado as I type, and the Washington Huskies play this evening. The Washington State Cougars have a bye. *Update-Ducks lost on a last minute interception in the end zone. Ouch!

I took some time to participate in political dialogue on Facebook. Gotta' keep the truth squad active in this era when facts don't matter to so many. 

I picked new flowers for the house.

And I picked a very full basket of apples from one of our little espaliered trees. Many were already on the ground. These will be made into apple sauce since they are not great eating-out-of hand apples. I'll do that Monday. 
And now, with this blog post done, it's already 5:30, time to figure out what's for dinner. 


  1. You ARE busy, Linda. It seems to me like you always are running from one event to the next. Wears me out! :-)

  2. Always love the beautiful flowers from your garden. The apples, not so much, looks like work to me. You also managed to work in some play time. Looks like it was a good day.

  3. Gorgeous flowers. Wonderful apples. I remember those days of how to get everyone to their respective places. Hahaha. The things we live through and survive. Glad you are able to share Irene's games with her. That train station is fancy.

  4. Your light rail transit station is a huge complex and very attractive too. Being away for four days is costly as you've got so much to do when you get back.

  5. What a great looking train station. I give you a lot of credit for participating in any kind of dialogue on Facebook. I gave that up years ago. Looking forward to some apple sauce pictures. Those apples look yummy.

  6. you are busier than busy...good for you! What a train station!

  7. Your flowers just don't quit blooming. Don't they know it's almost October? ( Really I'm just a bit jealous).

  8. Pretty flowers, I don't see that many cars in a year out here! I like Irene's two different color socks!

  9. Apple sauce? I buy mine from the store! Lol.

  10. Gracias por pasar por el blog tuve un error y se me borraron todos los comentarios que habia en algunas entradas que mal verdad.
    ‌Si sento si en alguna no te respondo por lo que ya te comentado.

    Me gusta mucho el tuyo.

    Me gustaria que si quieres comentes alguna entra

  11. That's so neat to make your own apple sauce.The bouquet of flowers is so beautiful. And Irene is so tall and grown up. Wow!

  12. Impressive looking rail station. You certainly have a busy life.


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