Thursday, November 12, 2009

In The Garden

Tom and I have spent most of the last three days working in the garden, taking advantage of dry weather to make that final push to get the fall clean up done. This is dirty, heavy work, clipping and weeding and editing, much of it spent crawling on hands and knees on the cold wet ground. My cranky back and arthritic hands do not approve, but my spirit does. And the results are so satisfying. This morning I took time to notice some of the little wonders around me. They make better photo subjects than the gritty, down and dirty stuff. I noticed the color of the Korean dogwood reflected in the bird bath. The wisteria and magnolia created a golden bower. Purple beauty berry against golden magnolia.
After all the dirty work, the last thing I did was rake up leaves. All those pretty red maple leaves are falling. I hate to see them go.
A stone marking the entrance to the Secret Garden.
As I finished up this rose stuck it's head out and nodded at me.
The leaves are raked off the grass and into the planting beds. Those red leaves do make a colorful mulch. The leaves will protect the soil from the pounding winter rains, decay to feed the soil, and be worked by worms which will aerate it.
All neat and tidy again, and time to sit and take a breather.
There will be more to do. Leaves will have to be raked again, and the lawn mowed at least one more time.
Some beds don't have home grown leaves with which to be mulched, like this rose bed.
For that purpose a load of leaves was delivered yesterday. Tom contacts a yard service company, which is more than happy to dump a load free in our driveway.
So, yes, there is more work to do, but the big jobs are done. Tomorrow the rain returns. The clouds are moving in now after a beautiful sunny day.
We'll be off to Whidbey Island for a couple of days to rest up.


  1. You must be the 'tired' that results from all that you accomplished...and that's a good tired. The gardens look beautiful!!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful garden you have! Would you consider coming to Arkansas to do mine? lol

  3. you have such a lovely garden, wonderful photos. thanks for letting us visit and watch your work today.

  4. That is satifsying work, though. I am a bit frustrated as I am not permitted a compost pile and the small barrel aloted for my yard waste is only picked up once a week. I fill it as soon as it is empty and that of a neighbor who is in Arizona. I had eight yards of bark delivered and that has been spred.
    I know you will enjoy your sojourn on Whidbey.

  5. That is a lot of work but it does look so nice and orderly when it's done. This is the first year that I know to use leaves as mulch....

  6. Beautiful garden! And in spite of all the work, I'm sure you enjoy every moment when you look at the results of your labors! Marvelous!

    Enjoy your weekend and have some fun, just for giggle and grins!


  7. Those purple berries in front of the yellow leaves are just awesome. Well, actually your whole garden is awesome. I love looking at photos of your yard and garden. You should take tours through it.

  8. That reflection shot is stunning! I have some pretty leaf shots, but am still processing them.

  9. Lovely, lovely photos of your beautiful yard. I liked the reflections photo as well as the photo of the purple berries. Isn't it satisfying though to sit back after hard work and look at all you've accomplished? Have a nice weekend.

  10. I just love your garden! It's the middle of Novenber and your gardan is still breathtaking!
    Maybe a lot of work, but also show a lot of love. Thank you for saring it wit us!

  11. Your property looks great Linda. Thanks for sharing it with us. I liked your reflective bird bath photo. - Dave

  12. I always get a much needed lesson visiting your blog, about gardening in particular Linda..I was wondering if you used these red leaves for mulch just the other day!


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