Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

There was still snow lingering Friday when we did Fort Morgan Main Street Trick-or-Treating. We put extra layers under our costumes and joined the throngs in a fun town costume parade.
Saturday, finally the real Halloween, we decided to make up for cancelled activities by going into Denver for "Boo At The Zoo". We were soon shedding our extra layers as the sun warmed us.
It was so much fun seeing all of the other costumes that we almost forgot to look at the animals. And of course there was more candy! Tom and I didn't really collect candy. We were some-time bag holders. But I got hungry and scored some peanut M&M's.
Corey was there too, but not in costume, so he took the groups shots.
Then back home, after a quick but nutritious dinner, thanks to Jill, who wasn't as wasted as the rest of us, we got our costumes back on for neighborhood tricks or treats.
I stayed home and hung out on the front porch to greet the trick-or-treaters who came by. Corey kept me company, and the neighbor cat adopted us for the evening.
When the kids returned it was time to examine and sort the goodies. Kinda' looks like a stomach ache to me.
It has been an excellent Halloween Pageant. Today we all went out to breakfast, went for walks in the sun with the kids, and watched football. Both of our teams lost, but it doesn't seem to matter much.
Monday evening we will be returning to Seattle, tired but happy for the time we've had together.


  1. I figure that you made all of the costumes both adults and kids!! It looks like a grand time was had by all. I;ll bet you will be putting your feet up when you get home.

  2. looks like a perfectly exhausting halloween time with days of trick or treating and SNOW!

  3. Thanks for sharing you T&T fun with us Linda. You all looked great! - Dave

  4. What wonderful costumes for all. And how neat to trick or treat in the snow? It must have been wonderful to have spent this time with your family and enjoy so many adventures together. I liked the photo of all with the snow in the background. Have a great week!

  5. We had so few Trick or Treaters and I didn't feel the whole Halloweeness this year in Hawaii. Therefore I REALLY loved your post. You guys did it up to the MAX and I loved every minute of living vicariously through you.

  6. What a good time you had. I so hope that I get to do that with future grandchildren Linda..


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