Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Get Away to Rockaway

We arrived at Rockaway Beach about 4:00 Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and after settling in, we took a little stroll on the beach.
That evening we had a lovely sunset, which I photographed while sitting on a log by the creek in front of the cabin.
This last one was from the cabin porch, where I spent quite a bit of time reading and watching the surf.
Saturday was another beautiful day. We spent the morning prowling thrift shops, looking for glass to use in making more garden glass art.
In Wheeler we stopped at our favorite antique mall for a look around after taking in the sights of Nehalem Bay. It's fishing season and there were quite a few boats on the bay.
Saturday afternoon I took a chair down on the beach and sat and read until it clouded over mid afternoon. Then I moved back to the porch. At five o'clock we went into Rockaway to the Beach Bite Sports Bar where people were gathering to watch Oregon State football. But We had my mini-lap top and used the WiFi to get live updates of the Sounders match being played in Chicago. We won!
Sunday the view from the porch looked like this.
It rained all day. We did a lot of reading and drove to the Tillamook Cheese Factory to browse the gift shop and have ice cream for lunch.
Because the cabin TV has limited reception, and no CBS, we returned to the sports bar about 3:00 for the second half of the Seahawks foot ball game. This time we were the only rooters there and we hung out with cokes and an appetizer and urged the team on to another victory. It was still raining. Monday morning the rain had stopped and things looked more promising.
We headed south to browse more thrift shops, and then stopped at the north jetty of Tillamook Bay to see how the rebuilding process was coming along.
They have finished reworking the jetty. All of the huge rocks have been placed, as well as the smaller filler, and the equipment is ready to be removed. And the surf is pounding, ready to attack the new work. It should withstand another 50 years.
Back at the cabin, the fog teased us all day. I went for a short stroll toward the fog shrouded Twin Rocks.
But over the hill tops the blue sky peeked from under the fog blanket to show us what we were missing.
Because of my persistent heel problem I was not able to go for my usual beach walks, which cramped my style, but allowed me to have permission to sit on the porch some more and read. Monday evening we went to our favorite local restaurant, Pirates Cove, in Garibaldi.
The restaurant overlooks Tillamook Bay.
And they have wonderful seafood on the menu. Tom had a shrimp and scallop saute
and I had my favorite razor clams.
Tuesday morning it was foggy again and we decided to pack up, clean up the cabin for the next family members, and head north toward home. We stopped in Seaside to look around and visit the antique mall. Then we headed to Astoria for a lunch stop at the Wet Dog Cafe and Astoria Brewing Company. There was a cruise ship in town so the place was busy.
We had chowder and salad, and passed on the beer. The pub is on the waterfront, along what is left of the old cannery row.
This is the mouth of the Columbia river, and ships are waiting to go up stream to Longview to load up with logs.
From there we drove straight through to Seattle and got home about 5:00. We unpacked and collected the mail. I had been able to keep up with email and facebook via my lap top. Tom had left overs from his shrimp and scallop dinner and I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I will go to the grocery store in the morning. Then we settled in to watch TV shows I had recorded while we were gone.
It's now 1:30 AM. I turned off my light at midnight, after reading for a while, but I could tell sleep wasn't going to come any time soon, so I'm up and at the computer. I think it's about time to go back to bed and try again.


  1. What a wonderful photo essay of the past weekend. It was the same weather here: beautiful and sunny on Saturday, rainy all day on Sunday, in between on Monday, and yesterday, sunny and gorgeous after a rainy start. Thanks for the great pictures, you've got such a good eye.

  2. As always I enjoyed the pictures. I can see why you're not anxious for the long wet winter months.

  3. What a nice vacation! I like that pic of the bird. Welcome back, Linda.

  4. great photos, it's so beautiful everywhere at the ocean. almost any kind of weather. looks like you had a fun vacation...I had that same foot problem and had to be careful to always wear shoes with arch supports and not go barefoot. It eventually got better and hasn't returned but I always have good support in my shoes.

  5. What a wonderful getaway you had to Rockaway Beach. Your photos are lovely, even the ones of the fog. The antiquing sounds very interesting. Ken and I love to browse in antique shops and spent this past Sunday doing just that.

  6. What a wonderful place to spend time and relax in. Just beautiful. Your photos are all simply stunning. Nothing beats sitting in the sun on a porch and reading a good book!

  7. What a fabulous post, Linda! The photos are just gorgeous as usual. I love seeing your photos because you make me feel like I'm right there with you. Those sunset photos are sheer poetry. Gosh! That was a lot of amazing, delicious looking food. Wow!

  8. Linda, I do believe once there I would NEVER leave. Magnificent.

  9. Thank you for the wonderful photos..I took a huge sigh just looking at them....I needed that...


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