Friday, September 10, 2010

Qwest Field

One of the great things about attending Sounders soccer matches is the stadium itself. We sit in the north end, so we get to use the 'grand entrance', under the Hawks Nest. Built for Seahawks, it was also meant to be the home of professional soccer when we got a team. That happened two years ago. For soccer the seating is limited to about 36,500 seats. We usually fill it. Opening ceremonies. Games start in daylight, but end after dark, so the city skyline beckons as the stadium empties. As the people leave, seagulls sweep in to clean up the spilled popcorn and french fries. We linger to take in the view and wait for the crowds to disperse.
The Sounder band, Sound Wave, is stationed right by our section. They play us out, and we stay to listen.
And then we make our way out, under the Hawk's Nest.
A last look before we enter the pedestrian overpass over the train tracks, headed to the light rail station.
On Sunday this place will be rockin' with 65,000 Seahawks fans.
Go Hawks!


  1. Wow!! That is some stadium!! Wonderful..thanks for showing us this!

  2. I can only imagine the level of your excitment. It's a beautiful stadium.

  3. That stadium is huge and very attractive! I am not much of a soccer fan, but I do love football, as you probably know from my blog. Go, Seahawks!!!

  4. More wonderful photos with a story attached. Well done Linda! Dave

  5. Wow! That IS an awesome stadium. The Aloha Stadium is really such an ugly place from afar. Your stadium is a whole lot nicer.

  6. these shots are fantastic!!
    the stadium is beautiful

  7. Wow, what an amazing stadium. What a great place to be and cheer on your favorite team. And how neat that the band plays as everyone leaves...


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