Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here in Seattle we are still waiting for the sky to clear. Seems like I heard we were supposed to have a warm, sunny day? I'm also on hold until Tom gets back from running errands. I just got the bills paid and was heading out to do some shopping and deposit the mail in a drop box, but alas, the battery in the van is dead. We don't drive it much anymore because of the gas it eats up, so it got tired of waiting for us and decided to show us, I guess. Irene and Isaac are no longer waiting for their costumes. Irene's arrived in the mail yesterday, and the Darth Vader I ordered for Isaac had arrived earlier and had been hidden away. Yesterday they had a "trying on". It looks like we'll have to shorten Irene's a bit, but otherwise, OK. I haven't been able to talk to them on the phone yet, as we're all busy going our various ways. We were at Qwest Field for a soccer match last night. We took light rail in early and went to the transit station to get our Orca cards. They are prepaid passes for riding transit, and since we are getting the Senior rate we had to appear in person. We can reload them with our credit card when we get low on funds. We will be using them on Saturday for another soccer match, and again next Tuesday, when we again return to Qwest for another match. We won yesterday and winning is fun. I hope we can keep it up! ------------------------------------------------------------- I texted Tom to let him know to let him know about the battery and he came back to "save me", but "jumping" didn't work, which means it could be something more serious. Then you wonder - If the van is stuck in the garage, how do you get it to a shop to be serviced? But I'll wait on that problem. Since I'm stuck at home, I'll go do my exercise workout. The stationary bike only needs foot power. ___________________________________ Tom called AAA. We are covered for towing, and it's a good thing. The van is now under tow to the shop. It may be the starter. Now the van will have to wait for service, maybe a week or more.


  1. life is always full of little surprises. the grandkids look great in their it halloween already? lol!

  2. AAA has saved our neck several times, too. I really am glad we joined.

    The outfits are just so fantastic, Linda. You are amazing. I'm thinking I've just got to get myself together to make something for my granddaughter too.

  3. AAA has been good to us. David thought of dropping coverage, but I convinced him not to. After all, his warranty does not cover everything.

  4. I also have used AAA many times over the years and continue to keep my son on my membership [for my peace of mind].
    Hope the van is an inexpensive fix.

  5. The Halloween costumes are adorable. I see some serious and rewarding trick or treating in your grandchildren's near future.

  6. AAA has helped me a few times too

    I had my car in yesterday, seems the rotors needed to be cut
    who knew they grew! ;)

    the kids look wonderful

  7. Car problems---what a pain in the you know what.
    the kids look good in their costumes.
    I hope you had a good time at the beach.
    The weather has been real sunny up here but i could see down in the valley it was foggy. Well now this morning it is very overcast. Where is that SUN. MB

  8. The costumes are wonderful.
    I hate it when the cars 'act up.'

  9. Love the really do up Halloween right...


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