Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Sunday didn't bring much success for our favorite sports teams, Corey's Denver Broncos being the exception, but our jack-o-lanterns turned out quite well.

The kids came over during halftime of the Seahawks vs Lions game. I fixed a big dish of macaroni and cheese and finger fruits and vegetables, which we ate in front of the TV while we watched the Seahawks fall to a last minute touchdown. 

Then we got to work on carving our pumpkins, while continuing to nibble on the lunch leftovers.

 I cleaned out Irene's pumpkin, leaving a bit of the work for her, but she would only touch the "guts' with a big spoon.  Then while she planned her face, I carved mine, which Irene is showing off for me. We have no idea what it is, perhaps some mythical half human half animal creature.
 Jill's creation.

Corey worked on Isaac's while Jill helped Irene.

 Done!  Time to get the candles lit and display them on the hearth for the formal photos.  Corey tried out the panorama camera on his new iPhone.

 We were done and cleaned up by 3:00.  The Gibsons went home to clean house and have a little down time after another busy weekend.  Tom vacuumed and I mopped the kitchen floor.  At some point we all settled in front of our TV sets.  The World Series started at 5:00, not that we cared much, but it turned out to be the last game. The Broncos were in Sunday night football, and I think they won big time.  when I checked in they were way ahead.  Corey probably had to watch on his phone, because the TVs were turned to ESPN at 6:00 for the Sounders match against the LA Galaxy.  The Sounders lost in a heart breaker with an 84th minute LA goal, final score 1-0.  Playoffs start on Friday for Seattle. Then we had time to catch the end of the baseball game.
 This morning we moved the jack-o-lanterns out onto the porch.  Everybody will be here for Halloween and the Gibsons already had two on their doorstep from the Boy Scout event.
 Color is happening fast here now.  The full moon maple turned from green to orange in just a couple of days, just in time for Halloween.


  1. looks like you are ready for halloween-cute pumpkins!

  2. What fun! You are really prepared for Halloween now.

  3. You and your crew are so creative and its easy to see you get a lot of enjoyment out of the holidays.

  4. The pumpkins are great and the fall colors are wonderful! Sorry about the weekend sporting news. :(

  5. I had so much fun carving my pumpkin at church long ago, and I won a 1st place cash prize, too. Love your photos, Linda!

  6. We had over a dozen huge pumpkins in our garden. I'm sick of cooking and freezing them. I didn't bothr to carve any since we don't have small children and out in the country we don't get trick or treaters. Today I sent the remaining pumpkins off to the special education classroom at the high school for the kids to carve. Yours turned out lovely. Happy Halloween.

  7. Wow! That is totally impressive and the biggest pumpkins I've seen in a long, long time!

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  9. Those Jack-o-lanterns look great Linda. I admired your tree with the autumn colours in your last photo Dave

  10. I love those Jack O Lanterns! Happy Halloween Linda!


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