Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

It was all treats and no tricks for us tonight.

We gathered at about 4:30, got costumed up, and were ready to go the the mall, where it was dry!

But first the formal portrait on the porch: Jill, Isaac and I reprised our costumes from last year.  Aunt Jan modified from a great blue heron into a yellow legs shore bird.  Irene was the star as, what else... a peacock!

 Jill created Irene's costume this year.  Irene was thrilled with her mother's handiwork.  I was also impressed.
 Various shops offered treats.  We were there early, but the crowds soon grew.  It was fun to see all of the little kids, and quite a few of their parents too, in costume.

 Tom kept busy taking photos.
 After making the rounds for close to an hour, we went to the food court for dinner.

On the way home we noticed that the rain had stopped!  I suggested we go to a neighbor's house for real trick or treating.  The kids and I ended up working a couple of blocks, hitting a few friends houses and others in between.  Real neighborhood candy begging is the best!

Walking back to the house we met a large group out on the street and encouraged them to come to our house.  Jill was busy lighting the jack-o-lanterns.  We got the candy and treated our one of only two groups to find our house.

By eight o'clock everyone was on the way home, and we settled in to watch Charlie Brown.

It was a fun Halloween.


  1. I love how you all get into the Halloween spirit, Linda. We, on the other hand, don't celebrate the holiday at all -- not since the kids grew up.

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  3. looks like fun, we had a quiet halloween-no trick or treaters, just watched a video and ate sugar free pumpkin pie! our treat...

  4. I actually had three young boys in costumes at my apartment. I enjoyed eating some of the leftover chocolate, too! :-)

  5. No trick or treaters here--although I was prepared for them as usual. Good thing I always get candy we like.
    Great costumes, BTW!

  6. The Reeder family at their best one more time. Jill outdid herself on Irene's costume. I can see why Irene was pleased. Jan was pretty cool also. We had no trick or treaters but Rodger & Naomi had almost 200 at their house. I saw on Twitter that one of the NASA folks had 600.

  7. It looks like great fun. Irene's costume is fabulous. Actually, all of your costumes are just great.

  8. Oh I wish I lived closer to my granddaughters! Your evening looks like great fun. I visited them a week ago in Texas and they wanted me to fly back for Halloween. They have to wait until Thanksgiving...Nana can spend all her disposible income on airfare!

  9. Oh what was so cold and nasty and wet here that we only had a few visitors and most had to wear coats too....I love the costumes..Michelle

  10. Amazing jack-o-lanterns! OK..OK... You guys win! You really do have the best costumes I've seen this Halloween.


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