Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Big Project

I'm too tired and short on time to do this twice, so I cut and pasted my Facebook update onto my blog, for my wider circle of friends. Here's what we are up to this week.
It'll be another day of preparing for Jill and family's big move this Saturday. We've done cleaning and fixing and installing and plumbing, with some expensive help, and some electrical, again with some professional help. Tom's been on the roof, and under the house. I've been in every corner and nook and cranny inside.
Today we take down the shed at the rental and move the pieces over to the new house, then do a few more jobs on the list before crawling home to rest up before going to the Sounders match tonight.
Big question I pondered during my awake hours during the night - where is the mail box?


  1. I'm tired just reading all you are up to...time for a nap! lol...

  2. I'm hoping the Sounders game goes well, and that you will finally, soon, get some rest! Whew!

  3. Your daughter and grandchildren are so fortunate to receive so much support from you two. Wow.

  4. Oh wow! This is just so exciting!!! So much is happening while I'm away.

  5. I was going to say that too... It is good to have family support...

  6. Like Lin, you wore me out just reading. Hope you get some rest and enjoy the game.


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