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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Making Hay When the Sun Shines, Or At Least When It's Not Raining.

It's not exactly sunny, and we didn't really make hay, but we did get some work done on this dry morning.

Actually the sun did shine yesterday, but we were busy. Since it was Veteran's Day and a no-school day, Jill requested that we have a little early Thanksgiving dinner for her and the kids.  The grands will not be with us for the real Thanksgiving, as they are going to Colorado to be with their other grandparents and their father's family. So we cooked turkey and ate and played a very long game of Monopoly, where Isaac "Trumped" us all. 

But back to "making hay" today. I raked leaves, very pretty leaves. 

 Now the leaves are off the lawn and are scattered in the planting beds for mulch. 

 I cleaned up the drifts of cedar droppings off the patio (again) and the lawn. 
Those cedar droppings are now mulch for the garden path. 
 Tom cleaned up the driveway and the front walk. 
 The Full Moon Maple is just about finished with it's glorious show. ( The header photo is from that tree.) The leaves are in the planting beds here too. 

Tom moved the last of his bonsai trees off of the display benches and out to a garden box, under a clothe, where they will be protected for cold winds and too much moisture. 

 Lastly, I planted a few allium bulbs for color next spring. 
Then we went for a two mile walk before calling it quits for the morning. 

Now, late this afternoon, the sky is very dark and the rain has arrived. They say we're in for another storm. 
And more clean up, of course. 


  1. Linda, your beautiful gardens continue to inspire me. Those are some really great pictures to look at and admire. We STILL haven't had any rain up here, but it's all around us. It's coming, there's no doubt. :-)

  2. Your yard always manages to look stunning no matter the season! I love the new background picture of fall leaves. Very colorful and perfect for collage - I've been collecting interesting fall leaves for a couple of weeks now to incorporate into my handmade birthday and Christmas cards.

  3. I love the way nothing is wasted, even fallen leaves have their job to do in your garden.

    I did start laughing when I was reading about your labors and then got to the part about calling it quits "for the morning." It would have taken me an entire weekend to accomplish your morning;s work!.

  4. Do you take the leaves out of the gardens in the spring, or do they decompose sufficiently?

    Your gardens are lovely, as always.

    Sweet that you had an early Thanksgiving. A nice idea...

    The leaves are falling big time today as we have 20 mph winds. Our lawn guy, hopefully, will come by with his mulching mower (a wonderful piece of machinery!!) and make quick work of it all.

  5. Yards take a lot of hard work. Yes, it's tough to get things done when leading an active life away from home. enjoy the early Thanksgiving.

  6. Just stunningly beautiful. Thanks for showing his bonasai cover. Perhaps I can rig something like that here.

  7. Keeping a pretty yard is a never ending job. Your gardens are beautiful and you keep everything so neat and clean. I still haven't started raking leaves. Actually I don't know where to begin. It would almost be fun to rake up leaves as pretty as those you are raking.

  8. I love the colorful leaves. Good exercise, too.

  9. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  10. Your leaves sure are a pretty color! Sometimes it seems the fall work will never be done. I am thankful to be done with is hard work. Thanksgiving can be any day and I bet your Grands thought so too:)

  11. Hi Linda, I'm coming to you via Far Side's blog. I see you live just a couple of hours South of me ( Abbotsford, BC), so we often share the same weather conditions. Your yard is amazing and I intend to come often to look and maybe even get some ideas for mine.
    I hope you have good luck with the Alliums. I put some in one year but they never came up the following Spring. Either it was too wet or a mole got them??

  12. Your garden always looks so good! Seems like you're well prepared for winter! Still have a few bulbs to get into the ground and more leaves to get off of the paths if they ever dry a bit.

  13. Your garden looks gorgeous in every season. Your maple tree is absolutely awesome!


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