Friday, November 6, 2015

Working Trip to Rockaway Beach

Last week we worked at the Whidbey Island family cabin.  This week, cabin work took us to the Oregon coast.
We left the drizzle behind as we headed south and west, and found clearing skies that made for a must stop at our favorite overlook on Neakanie Mountain along the coast highway, a view that's hard to beat. 

Upon arriving at the cabin in Rockaway Beach, we unloaded our gear, did some measuring, and then headed for the builder's supply in Tillamook. 
 Tuesday morning we got busy, setting up shop, and getting started on our projects. 
 The weather was dry and even sunny, so we could easily do our sawing outside in the open. 
First job - build shelves for the upstairs closet.  The upstairs has been recently enlarged from a loft to more sleeping space by raising the roof. (See the original look on the side bar.) We were also required to raise the whole cabin above the flood level. It has been a long and expensive process so we family members pitch in to do as much of the work as possible. 

Closet storage done.
We moved on to the windows. They needed to be finished - wrapped, sills, and trim. 

There was lots of cutting and fitting and trips up and down two sets of stairs. I was gopher, consultant and keeper of measurements.  I had to keep track of which board of which length should be cut for each window to have the least waste. We had 8', 10', and 12' lumber. 
Tuesday evening Tom hung the new mobile that he had created at home from beach material. He was replacing a previous mobile that was lost during construction. I was the ladder holder and photo documentarion. 

On Wednesday we were back working on the windows. Here's how they look wrapped and framed. 

We got this big one done and three smaller ones before we ran out of materials. 
I spent some time removing blackberries and planting crocosmia bulbs that I had dug from our home garden.
Some day they'll look like this. 
We will be making more changes, including adding a second toilet/water closet, so I cleaned off shelving in that space, cleaned out the shed, and moved the shelving out of the cabin and into the shed. 
It was after three o'clock by the time we ran out of lumber and out of steam.  We got all of the tools packed up and cleaned up everything, and then we had time for a late afternoon walk on the beach. 

We had originally planned to meet my sister in the valley on Thursday, but we cancelled those plans, and were gifted with a slow day for getting back to Seattle.

We went to the Bayfront Bakery in Garibaldi for my apple fritter. 
 We stopped and shopped at the Wheeler Antique Mall. 

And we had lunch at the Wet Dog Brew Pub in Astoria. 
We made it home in time to settle in for some TV watching and some kitty petting. 
It's good to be home. 


  1. That first picture is wonderful! I saw it first on Facebook but could look at it forever. The place looks great, and the do love that mobile. :-)

  2. You sure that Isaac wasn't there to help?

  3. The mountain view is awe inspiring.
    You had a productive weekend, you certainly earned the leisurely drive home. The place looks so cozy and inviting. The mobile just adds a perfect touch. Tom could have a good business going to craft markets with his creative flair.

  4. You really had a productive trip. The cabin looks great. You've made a great investment in future time with family.

  5. It is November alright. right now it is blustery and raining. Should stay home but have some errands to run. Bob spent yesterday working in the gardens--weeding and adding mulch. We took out all the annuals and stuff the day before. so he worked and I rested my aching back.
    I love the Oregon coast. You all have done a lot of work on the house. Don't wear yourselves out.
    Yes come on up and see the Snow Geese, trumpeter Swan and the Eagles.

  6. If I followed you around for months (and survived) I think I could learn a lot!!

  7. You have a great location to get away from it all. You deserved that apple fritter. apple fritters are my favorite.

  8. All those water scenes look so inviting. I've not spent a night away from home since 2009. I'd love even a day trip to the coast. I'm very impressed by Tom's mobile. Numbers keeper is a very important position. I hope your pay was equal to Tom's.

    A health note. I took the shingles vaccine in 2013. This week I was diagnosed with shingles! I do appear to have a light case so perhaps the vaccine helped but I was not expecting to have them at all.

  9. Looks like a productive trip! We custom made all the trim in our home, it takes a long time to do! I am sure your bulbs will be very pretty next summer:)

  10. Gosh all that work is so very successful. The apple fritter is a success too. Thank you so much for taking us along.

  11. I so admire how much you get done during these working trips! The windows, the mobile, it all looks wonderful. Those beach views are gorgeous!

  12. You guys never cease to amaze us. You work so hard and do such professional work. It looks fantastic. What a legacy to leave to your grandchildren.


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