Thursday, November 19, 2015

My New Old Phone

We have had our smart phones for over two years now. Yes, we are as addicted as I feared we might be, just as bad as any teenager. 

But we are not alone.  When we go to breakfast with our retired teacher friends each Friday morning, invariably the phones come out, to share a photo or a post on Facebook or to Google something we want to know the answer to. We laugh at ourselves as we are doing it, of course, and one of our dear friends, who is losing her eye sight to macular degeneration says to us, "You know, if you put those phones away we could have a real conversation." We are slightly chastised, but not enough to stop us. 

Yesterday I had lunch with retired teachers from my old school and it was the same thing, phones out to share photos or post on Facebook, and to use the calendar feature to record our next monthly lunch. 

My sweet little blue iPhone 5c has had a few bumps and bruises, like getting knocked off the end table onto the hardwood floor. The result is that it was beginning to come apart.  Since I have damage insurance on the phone, I took it in to Sprint and was able to get a replacement at no cost. 

Yesterday I picked it up and the technician began the process of transferring data from my old phone to the new one. It was getting late so she suggested we could hook up to WiFi at home to complete the restoration of apps. 
Well, when I got to looking at my replacement phone, which looks just like my old one, I saw that it had Tom's background photo, his photo albums, and his apps. The Internet wasn't working and neither was the email. I fussed with it for a while, reinstalling the email, and then finally gave up and cooked dinner. After dinner, miraculously, everything was functioning.  I guess it just needed to settle in and feel at home. 

I lost my pretty rose  photo that was my background, so I just took a photo of the flowers that were on the kitchen table in front of me. 
Then I got rid of some of Tom's apps and reinstalled a few of my own that were missing.

Now my new  phone is my old one again. 

And speaking of apps (applications), here is a cool one that we have been using on our walks. It's called MapMYWalk, and it uses GPS to map the route of the walk, keep track of mileage, steps, and calories burned, and gives you your splits for minutes per mile. 
While smart phones are not essential to our lives, they sure do make it more fun.


  1. I like what you said ...My new phone is my old one again. Some of us just like the familiar, don't we! I don't have a smart phone and don't think I have the interest nor the smarts to know what to do with one but I know, most everyone else has one. I do think the ap for keeping track of walking etc. would be handy.

  2. I don't have a smartphone but I wonder what people would be doing if they didn't have a smartphone.

  3. Remember when we thought it couldn't get better than email? I seldom use email anymore. How did I communicate before texting. Can't imagine what they can come up with better than texting. I have the 6 phone & absolutely love it. I do everything on it. Use my mini iPad & regular iPad very little these days. It is true though it only takes minutes for those phones to come out most anywhere we are. I don't go to church but that's the only place I might hesitate to check my phone. (Another reason not to go to church.)

  4. This may seem strange to most, but I do not own a mobile phone at all. I still have the old fashioned phone in the house and that is all. Strange but true!

  5. I find myself using my phone more now that I live where there is a reliable connection. I still cling to the dinosaur age though. I don't have a data plan so I only use certain apps with my home wifi. Limits its usefulness when I am out and about.

  6. I bought AppleCare for my phone in case I might lose it or drop it and break it, but so far so good. Glad to hear it's your old phone come back to life! I love my iPhone 6 and really do wonder how I got along before. I use that MapMyWalk app, too, but only on walks I don't actually know the distance of. It drains my battery pretty quickly otherwise. :-)

  7. I guess I am a dinosaur living in the modern age. I just have a flip phone, which I use only for emergency calls in my car.

  8. My husband has a old phone which is not smart, my phone is always at home on the wall and most of the time I let the machine get it...I hate phones. Sometimes in a group I just say "Let's talk and put all the phones away." I find it rude to use them when in the company of others.

    BUT it seems most everyone doesn't have face to face conversations anymore just like no one write letters:(

  9. I don't have service here so my "phone" is a relic used only for emergency road calls. It has a tiny screen and only makes phone calls. A friend asked to borrow it recently and didn't know how to make it work. She was kind of like a kid facing a rotary dial.

  10. My grown kids got DH and I to get iPhones a few years back and I have to admit, I wouldn't want to be without it now. The kids and I text much more than we ever talked... so communications with them and the grandkids (esp pics!) make it more than worth it to me. And since my memory isn't great these days, everything I need to remember (from dr's appts to the date of my last flu shot)is right at my fingertips. The GPS helps us find anyplace, when cooking - if I have questions, all I have to do is google it to get the answer, weather alerts wake us up if there's a tornado in the middle of the night, etc. What's not to like?

    I do believe in 'phone etiquette' - like not having loud conversations in restaurants and public places, etc. The Internet has opened up a world that requires new laws and new rules that are yet to come, but common sense and courtesy still apply.

  11. I agree with everything you said! I love my iPhone. I got the plus so I could have larger type.


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