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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spring is Popping at the BBG

It was Saturday morning of what promises to be a beautiful weekend. The Northwest Perennial Alliance was having a March Madness plant sale at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. We decided that was where we would spend our Saturday morning.
It's hellebore time and this garden has lots of them. Here they are teamed up with witch hazel in the entry garden. 

 We browsed the plant sale but were not inspired, so we set out to explore the garden. The gunnera are bursting out of their protective mounds of compost. 
 Everything was neat and tidy, all of the winter clean up completed. We're still working on that at home. 
 This double hellebore was especially wonderful. 
 This pair are wonderful too, my garden blogging buddies Alison and Peter. We run into them in the best places. 
 So many things emerging. 

 Daphne odora smells heavenly. 

 Dark hellebores

 and darker. 

 Hardy cyclamen 

 Pulmonaria blooming while hardly out of the ground

 Spring eruption

 Fuzzy rosette of mullien. 

 After touring the border garden we followed the path into the nature preserve. 

 Indian plum is in bloom. 
 We didn't ask what this construction is, but we'll have to come back to see it completed. 

 Wild plum, or perhaps once part of a domesticated orchard?

 The bridge over The Ravine. 

 Licorice fern grows on maple trunks. 

 This tree had a bad case of warts - actually burls. 

 Native Oregon Grape. 
 Alder catkins against a blue sky. Allergy season has begun. 
 Flowering currant ready to pop open. 

 The bog. 

 Not much going on yet in the Yao Garden. 

 More hellebores.

 I forgot what this is called. 

 Whatever this is, it is part of what's popping out at the BBG. 


  1. It was so much fun to see you two today! You got some nice closeups of the Hellebore flowers. We marveled over that same patch of Pulmonaria. It looks like you (finally) got your walk in, even though you were delayed by two very chatty blogger friends.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful spring photos with us. Spring is my favorite season and you've reminded me why. I do remember seeing this exquisite garden with the two of you.

  3. You have an amazing number of blooms that are ready to go.

  4. That is an incredible array of colors of hellebores, and this post reminded me I want to go to our local arboretum.

  5. Your new header just took my breath away! I am so ready for Spring but still a little early here in Missouri.

  6. The Hellebores are so lovely, much more so than mine are.
    You're so much farther into Spring than we are.

  7. Great pictures! I appreciate and admire them even more nowadays because of a watercolor class that I am taking. Almost every one of your photos would make a great picture to paint.

  8. wow so many blooms, i saw some daffodils yesterday and some plum tree blooms. spring is popping all over.

  9. So beautiful! I love walking through these gardens with you. :-)

  10. Goodness, that's a lot of springtime beauty. Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. You have spring for sure! I enjoyed all your photos:)

  12. Unfortunately this just reminds me of how much work I have to do outside before spring hits!

  13. It's always a joy to visit with you in person and very nice to have the frog chorus in the background this time. Corylopsis spicata?


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