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Friday, May 24, 2019

A Day on the Island

Tom had pots of geraniums to deliver to the deck of the Whidbey Island cabin. We decided to take a day trip.

The sky was blue, the tide was out
 Deer Lagoon

and there were eagles on the beach.
 Useless Bay

 The cabin garden was aglow with California poppies. 

 The poppies were punctuated with the purple of nepeta and columbine. 
 Smoke bush (cotinus) and pink columbine. 

We spent about an hour and a half weeding and grooming, then ate the lunch we brought with us and relaxed for a while. Then we drove across island for a walk about and coffee in Langley. 
 Bunnies abound in Langley. They are feral, prolific reproducers, a mix of native cottontails and domestic escapees that have over-populated the fair grounds and are now running rampant. These baby bunnies were in the lush lawn at the library.   
 Pretty darn cute though. 

 Flowers are everywhere in the street plantings in Langley.
 The garden at Useless Bay Coffee Company is lovely. 

 We enjoyed our coffee al fresco. I cheated. I bought the brownie on the ferry boat on the way over and saved it for just this purpose. Coffee and chocolate!
 And from over my shoulder, the scent of roses. 

 Bees loved the white allium. 

 After strolling through the town, visiting with several shop owners, we returned to the cabin for some down time. I sat on the deck and read. I think Tom napped. Then since we had noticed that The Braeburn, previously a breakfast/lunch only restaurant, was now reopened after extensive remodeling and also now open for "supper", we returned to Langley to dine before heading home. 
 We had yummy pasta. My mac and cheese was great comfort food. Much of it came home with me in a take home carton. The serving was huge. 

After dinner, we sailed away home.


  1. If I ever get back in that part of the country, I definitely intend to visit Whidbey Island! It looks wonderful.

  2. This sounds like a nice day trip. There must not be many cats or foxes on the island. They would take care of many of those rabbits. It always puzzles me as to why people release pets when they tire of them.

  3. Your California Poppies are so lovely. Mine are about 2 inches high so I'll have to wait a while before they bloom!
    Coffee, chocolate and the scent of roses... what more could a person want.

  4. Your garden is gorgeous with color. I love your header photo. Brownie and coffee sound so perfect. What a glorious day you both had.

  5. Just filled with gorgeous shots and especially those poppies. Oh, and the brownie and coffee sure look good, too. :-)

  6. Great day of work and relaxing.

  7. The gardens are beautiful there! :)

  8. Loved the poppies and is there anything cuter than baby bunnies? Wow, that was a lot of mac and cheese. What a delightful day.

  9. It is so pretty there. Aren't those bunnies adorable! I can't imagine seeing eagles on the beach. That is a good picture of you.


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