Greetings from Seattle

Friday, May 17, 2019

More Rain and More of the Unexpected

All the greens are breathing more easily with the cooler temperatures and the light rain continuing to fall.
Rain drop jewels on Lady's Mantle. 
If you go down this green path, you arrive at this sight. 

Green Tapestry. 

It has been another busy few days. Wednesday I did my exercises, went grocery shopping, and then we worked outside before  hurrying off to Irene's cross country meet, then we grabbed some dinner at a Subway sandwich shop before going to the train to get to a 7:30 Sounders match at the stadium. We won. Yay!

Thursday I decided the tooth ache I was developing was getting serious enough that I should call the dental clinic. I called at 11:00 and got an appointment that same day for 2:00. The problem was a cavity in a wisdom tooth. The best solution was extraction. I said "Do it!" 

The dentist, a very nice young lady I had not seen before, explained that it might be tricky because the tooth had a crown as well as a cavity and was well embedded in my jaw. The crown might pop off, then the tooth might break because of the cavity, and the extraction might take some work. OK then. I waited for the Novocaine to kick in, gripped the chair arms, and made it through all of the above, greatly relieved when I heard the words, "It's out". 

I was planning to go to Irene's middle school band concert that evening, but when Tom left at 6:30 the Novocaine had not yet worn off and I did not know if I would be in pain when it did, so I stayed home. I had fixed dinner for Tom and reserved some for me for later. By 7:00 I was happy to see that I was feeling OK, just a little discomfort, and I ate my dinner. 

There is still a little bit of ache as I post this on Friday afternoon, but not bad, the wisdom tooth is gone, and hopefully I am none the less wise for losing it. :-)  Oh, and yesterday my hair salon called to cancel my appointment for next Tuesday, but I was able to get it rescheduled for today. 

So now I have had my breakfast with friends, have been properly shorn, went for my two mile walk with my trusty partner, and spent some time working in the yard since the sun was shining again. All is good. 

I hope you have a good weekend. Ours will be busy again. 


  1. And none of this slowed you down at all. Life is good!

  2. Your Wisteria is beautiful as are all your flowers! Pesky wisdom teeth anyway...I have one that has to go too:(

  3. Oh that still my heart. It is gorgeous. Glad your tooth problem didn't ruin your week.

  4. That was quite an unexpected adventure in the dentist's chair Glad it all went well and you're none the worse for it. :-)

  5. life is full of unexpected surprises...glad you got rid of the tooth problem and continuing on with your busy life...

  6. I love the jewels on the Lady's Mantle -- really does look like diamonds shimmering there.

  7. The garden and flowers are gorgeous. I'm sorry about the tooth having to come out. I'm glad it went as well as it did. It is snowing here. Can you even believe it?

  8. Your Columbines are bee-utiful! Years ago I bought some Nora Barlow ones and they crossed with my larger flowered ones so I now have few of the older kind ( which really are my favourites).

  9. Good to hear that tooth wont be bothering you again and it went smoothly. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I always look forward to your wisteria in full bloom.

  10. All good, and the wisteria is in bloom!

  11. Glad all went well with the extraction. So much beauty this time of year and your wisteria is always a special treat.

  12. You've got to be glad that wisdom tooth is gone. A toothache is awful, and I have had my share. The wisteria is so pretty. I bought and planted wisteria years ago and have never seen a bloom. I have rooted wisteria cuttings and given big pots away, but my wisteria never blooms. I've just recently set out more wisteria, in a totally different spot, so hopefully this will do good.


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