Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rhododendron Species Foundation Garden

I just looked back at my post from a year ago, and I could just link back to that one, I guess. That day was sunny and last Saturday it was cloudy, and beginning to rain lightly as we finished our two mile stroll. 

Most of the rhodies were finished blooming, but the greens glowed, and the under story plants (ground level) were a real attraction for us.

 Fuzzy new growth on the big leaf rhodies. 
 A busy ant hill. 
 An exotic yellow poppy. 
 Japanese primrose.
 A huge stand of May Apple. 

 Cinnamon ferns, I think.

 Stalks of Cardiocrinum gigantium, Himalayan lily. getting ready to bloom. It takes up to seven years to get to the bloom stage. Then they die, but hopefully not before reproducing. 

 More Himalayan lilies in the blue poppy bed. 
 We were pleased to time our visit for the blooming of the Himalayan blue poppies, 

 Seed heads of the Himalayan lilies, from last year's blooms. 
 The pond garden. The pond is covered with green pond plants of algae. 

 A place to rest. 
 This fern tree marks the entrance to the Stumpery. 
Arisaema - Jack-in-the-pulpit varieties. 

 Ferns abounb in the stumpery. which has filled in with growth covering much of the dead wood. 

 Moving on, some rhodies. 

 And another patch of blue poppies. 

 Tom is trying to capture just the right photo. 

 A pretty, bright mountain laurel - Kalmia
 A knock out azalea. 

 In the conservatory, where the exotics grow. 

This was a beautiful way to get in our two mile walk, s-l-o-w-l-y. Just right for a day off. 


  1. That was an eye-popping two miles. What a lovely variety and must say I am a fern folk so those pleased me a bunch. That ant hill looked scary.

  2. Absolutely lovely! Those who tend to the gardens obviously take great pride in their work.

  3. It certainly looks rain forest lush. I think those ferns look like primeval vegetation -- might expect a dinosaur to peak out.

  4. how beautiful, love the blue flowers...would love to just sit there and take it all in.

  5. There's much life and color in the forest under story. It's a good place to grow many things.

  6. Those blue poppies are incredible! And the cinnamon ferns have an unusual look to me. Great pictures! :-)

  7. I am so impressed with all you and Tom know about plants. These are such gorgeous photos! When we were in Butchart Gardens, they said we were too early for the famous blue poppies. Mom looked everywhere for them. And here are your photos full of them. Wow! We did get mom a mug with a drawing of a blue poppy.

  8. Beautiful, those Blue Poppies are so very pretty! :)

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