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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Still Here

Bleeding heart. 

Well, it looks like it has been a week since I last posted. After a while of thinking I have nothing to post about, suddenly there seems to be too much to know where to start. 

We have been busy, and my mind has been even busier. 

A week ago Saturday we lost a good friend. Mavis was a long standing member of our breakfast group, a fellow retired teacher from Tom's last school, a mother, grandmother, great grandmother and a dear friend to many. She was just a week shy of her 92 birthday when she passed as a result of a brain bleed probably caused by a fall. We are all saddened by her passing and will miss her.

Last week I made a trip into the city to have my hearing aid repaired, had an appointment with our financial adviser, attended Isaac's last high school track meet of the season, and spent lots of time and energy working in the yard. Friday evening we were called upon to assist another member of our breakfast group who had a medical emergency. Going to her aid along with another friend, we finally determined we needed to call 911 and got her to a hospital where docs began to work on trying to figure out what had caused this "episode". She is back home now, recovering, but we still await more information as to what went wrong. The whole thing was quite upsetting, and still is. 

Saturday we attended a small plant sale and then shopped for plants at a big box store. It is time to get tender plants into the pots and beds. We bought impatiens for the bed under the cedar tree. 

We moved the brugmansia (that tall plant in the back), succulents, agave and other weird plants out of the greenhouse and onto the patio. I had reworked many of these pots several weeks ago. 

Sunday I began working on planting that bed under the cedar tree, getting in the plectranthus that Tom raised from cuttings. . Then we were called to Jill's house to deliver tomato plants that Tom raised in his greenhouse. There we were pulled into service helping Jill and the kids plant their garden.

Monday we drove south to deliver tomato plants to my sister Laurie and her husband, and to spend the day with then and my sister Ilene. We had a lovely lunch prepared by Laurie and then went to two rural greenhouses in their area.

So many lovely plants. We bought a few. 

Back home Monday evening we finished planting the impatiens along the patio and refreshed a few more patio pots. 

Today, Tuesday, Tom continued to work on his watering system. I did a little house cleaning and we got the laundry done. I worked on some more pots outside, and we had a security system installed in the house.

A couple of weeks ago Tom had some trouble with his cell phone, like he received 3000 plus emails over night, old ones he had previously deleted. He checked in at the Apple store and was referred to Comcast, our email/Internet provider. In the process of fixing the email problem, it was noted that we had an old plan for bundled service. We could get Netflix for free, as well  as a home security system, all while saving $50 a month. After some consideration we decided to go for it, and today an Xfinity technician installed the basic home security system. 

Now we have to study a bit more about how to use it without setting off alarms and calling the police, and also warn our two adult children, who have keys to the house. 

Tomorrow will be just as busy, but I'll try to keep up with the blogging a little better, so I won't be dumping on my faithful readers. 


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend, Linda. My aunt barely survived a brain bleed when she took a fall. It's so hard to lose someone you cared for. You have the most gorgeous gardening stores in the PNW.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend Mavis. And then to have another member of your breakfast group in a medical emergency ! All considered you've had a rather busy and stressful week.
    All your potted plants are looking good. They, like us, are no doubt enjoying this lovely stretch of weather.

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. I spent the last two days moving lots of pots out of the greenhouse too. Some needed potting up into larger pots. Your containers all look bright and cheery.

  4. For someone who didn't know what to write about, you sure seemed to have plenty to tell us. Sorry about your loss, but I'm glad that you and Tom are both doing so well. And yes, I did have that ice cream. :-)

  5. It seems that we are going to be losing friends and acquaintance more. the terrible process of aging. YOur area is so lovely for gardening. Our Extension Agent is retiring and moving to your area to be near two of his children. I told him he is going to be so busy with gardening. I am surprised you have a watering system as I thought you got plenty of regular rain.

  6. It is that time of year. We are all busy with our gardens and you seem to have some unexpected problems to deal with. Not to worry. I am glad that you and Tom are well and busy.

  7. My sympathies for the loss of your friend, and I hope the other individual recovers completely.

    Enjoy your gardening, everything looks so lovely.

  8. You are certainly ready for a great summer of gardening. I haven't bought one bedding plant yet.


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