Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Four Wheeling

 I wore my walker out already. Well, part of it.

A required piece of equipment for total hip replacement is a front wheel walker. 

I have used it diligently, wearing a path around the inside of my house. I have also taken it outside to walk on our gravel driveway and across the lawn. It doesn't work that well on gravel or grass so I lifted it it lot.

Recently I have taken it over to the neighborhood park to walk/wheel on the paved pathways. Much better.

However, I wore right through the post caps on the back legs.

Thinking about what to do, Tom looked on line and found wheels! They can be replacement wheels or they can be used to convert a front wheel walker to a four wheel walker.

We ordered them yesterday and Amazon delivered them today.
There were no directions so between the two of us we just figured it out. Tom pried off the old caps then we discovered we needed to take off the metal sleeves too.
Then the new wheel sleeves slipped right on.
This would not be approved for early in recovery, because at first you need more stability and these wheels could just slip right out from under you. 

But now I am using my walking stick in the house and my four wheels will be great for outside. Zoom!

Yeah, I know. Easy does it. I am modifying my eagerness a bit due to some pain I need to get under control. But I am happy with the possibilities of my new wheels. 

And.... my Amaryllis is reblooming on its second bloom stalk. So pretty. 

All is good. 


  1. Linda is good! You really put an effort into your recover.

  2. I like your bright red amaryllis and your new wheels.

  3. That amaryllis id just so cheery gorgeous!
    Have wheels, will travel . . . but stay safe.

  4. I love that you wore out your walker! I'm sure part of your speedy recovery is keeping moving! Your amaryllis is gorgeous!

  5. Well, that's a good one: wore out her wheels already. I too am really glad to learn how well you're doing. It does seem a little scary that they might zoom away from you, but I know you will stay safe. :-)

  6. I have a walker, too. But, I prefer to put tennis balls on mine. So, 2 wheels in front and 2 balls in the back. Works fine.

  7. wow I wondered what you meant by 4 wheeling thinking it was just taking drives. Clever solution. I didn't know amaryllis bloomed a second time. Our's didn't and we cut it off and are now watching the leaves appear.

  8. Do you have brakes? Kidding, but do be careful with your new speedy walker. I have seen the tennis balls like gigi mentioned.

  9. I know this will be easier but how are you going to stop it?

  10. I know my Dad transitioned to a four wheel walker after he had his stroke. He really liked it and I don't recall him falling due to it. Take care, stay well.

  11. Things that need to be put together but come with no directions can be a problem. I'm glad Tom got the wheels in place.
    Your Amaryllis is beautiful!!

  12. Hurray for new wheels and new blooms!

  13. Lots of people put tennis balls on their worn out walker parts...especially in "the home" Glad you are more mobile!

  14. I was wondering how easy it would be to walk without wheels on all four legs, but then I can see why they would prefer you take it more slowly for a while. I can’t believe how fast your wheels were delivered. That’s one thing about living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Things don’t get delivered so quickly.

  15. You're doing very well and are determined to get back to normal mobility! That's extremely positive and inspirational.


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