Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 Watching history unfold today is painful. 

I support the move to impeach the president because I believe he incited insurrection, perpetuated lies about a stolen election that inflamed his base and undermined our democratic process, and is a clear and present danger because of his mental instability.

Listening to the speakers in the House, I am also getting a clearer understanding of why many continue to support him. They like what he achieved. While those "achievements" are not ones I agree with, those are policy differences that I can accept. What I cannot accept is that in order to get lower taxes and greatly reduced regulations, among other things, they made a deal with the devil and they continued to enable his dangerous divisiveness.

Last wednesday the devil claimed his due and it was ugly. It was dangerous. It was threatening to our democracy.

In order to reduce that threat, we need to insure that Trump can never again seek public office. 

But the process is painful and not carried out lightly.

My healing process had a little set back too, with some new pain, probably because I did too much too soon. 

So here I am. bundled into my recliner, feet elevated, debate on the television, sun streaming in the window after days of rain, watching history unfold, as threats of violence mount. 

The only good thing is the sun. 


  1. We are certainly seeing history unfold. I wonder just what the future will make of these times.

  2. I`m sorry you`re in pain. I hope lots of rest will help.

  3. I hope authorities are ready this time for all the bad guys.

  4. I am sorry you have had a setback and hope it is temporary. I too watched a little bit of the proceedings and had to admit that I could understand the reasoning behind them not wanting to go ahead with the impeachment as that it could do some harm to the country and promote more violence. But like you I feel Trump needs to be held accountable and they must go forward. Scary times.

  5. I'm sorry you are having more pain. I hope you are able to get some good rest and feel better. Yes, we have been living with and watching an awful lot of history these days. I am frightened about all the threats and the prospect that the inauguration may end up being a big disaster. Biden deserves better. Mainly I wish we could see healing for our country. There's been too much division for too long. Feel better Linda.

  6. I hope your pain subsides after a good night's sleep.

    My daughter came home and told us how her Christian spouting friend thinks that Trump is good and his enemies are making up and misquoting him. Her reasoning is that he is a man of God. I just have to shake my head at these brainwashed Christian believers - not that about believing in Christ, but believing that Trump is a true Christian. It is the same reasoning that gave us Bush Jr., who got the Christian votes when he said that Jesus is his best friend. Religion and politics should not be in the same bed, imo. But, it is, in a bleeped up convoluted way.

  7. I'm sorry that physical pain felt the need to rise in competition with the emotional pain surrounding us all now.
    At least you had sun shining on your cozy nest.

  8. Hopefully your pain (both physical and emotional) are relieved soon. Take care.

  9. I'm sure it's easy to do too much wanting normal back but take it easy. I find it depressing to watch too much news. Can't believe all that is taking place in our nation.

  10. I hope your setback is not too serious. I worry about you and hope you will soon be up and about. Thank you for continuing to write on your blog so your admirers can be sure you are okay. :-)

  11. I’m sorry you had to go through this painful period, Linda. I guess I haven’t been paying much attention to his achievements because I saw so much of the bad he did. He decimated EPA. He allowed more pollution and killing of animals on national parks in Alaska. And so on and so forth. He encouraged people not to wear masks and refused to recognize the threat of COVID 19. Sigh.... He needs to be prevented from ever holding office in the U.S. again.


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