Monday, January 11, 2021


I am one week post hip surgery. What a week it has been. 

My recovery is coming along well enough. Everything is tolerable. Pain comes and goes and is not bad. Digestive system is on track. Limited mobility is chafing but necessary. Mental attitude is healthy. Emotions are stable. I am trying to give Caregiver Tom at least an hour of respite several times a day to take care of himself.

The day is dark and drippy and dreary but I have plenty to keep my mind occupied. This little vignette near my recliner is cheery. The Christmas poinsettia is still lovely. The little vase holds wonderfully fragrant vanilla scented sarcoccoa from the yard and a geranium bloom from Tom's greenhouse. That very tall Amaryllis is very slowly opening.

My surgical wound is nothing compared to the wound our nation has suffered. The enraged mob that stormed the Capitol last Wednesday was the culmination of years of a deliberate crusade of misinformation, lies, conspiracy theories, open racism, an underlying systemic racism, and threatened white privilege. 

I have spent more time than I should reading and watching in the aftermath of that attempted coup. Trump is guilty and should be removed, mostly so he can never seek office again. But he is just the provocateur of actions that have always been just under the surface. We claim we are a nation of liberty and justice for all, but when those who are white and have always had the upper hand because of their race, even when times are hard, now in this modern world see that the "others" are claiming their share of the power, they are threatened and easily provoked. Of course that does not include all white people. Many of us who live in urban, multicultural areas are used to sharing the power, and we are perhaps more aware. But when economic hard times hit less "woke" populations, the urge is to blame the "other" and hold on tight to what little they have. Anger boils over and lies are easily embraced. 

A quote from Voltaire popped up on my Facebook page: Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

Yes, indeed.

I don't know what it will take to truly heal this nation. I know it will be a long, painful process. It won't always be peaceful.

I see my job as to stay informed, be aware, seek truth,  promote kindness, and embrace peaceful solutions.


  1. Wise words. I'm very anxious about what will happen and the extent of the can of worms Trump has opened up. Those people who are threatened by other colors and religions have always been there, but not out in the open and emboldened like now. In their world, it's OK to be racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic. I would add that when people repeat, "This isn't who we are," I would disagree because it's (unfortunately) who many of us are. (not me)

  2. I'm really happy and relieved that you're recuperating well, Linda. Give Tom a hug for us.
    And yes, we have to stay informed and promote kindness and understanding. We need to tamp down this evil while we can.

  3. Mother Teressa said peace starts with a smile -- puts us at a distinct disadvantage with the need for masks. But you are right, If we can shine a little light through kindness and compassion we are doing something good.

  4. I found the news of the riot very gripping. It was a scary situation. But then people always suspicioned that he could use violence. The end isn't here yet.

  5. Good to hear you are doing okay and Tom gets a bit of time off! :)

  6. It is a difficult time to have faith in future possibilities after all we've been through and still have ahead. Glad you are healing and staying safe at home. WE look forward to a time when we can trip safely again.

  7. Sadly only blood will heal this country! I am old and will not have to make the sacrifice.

  8. What is possibly coming scares me more that what has been. Pretty sure we have even rougher days a head. It is those that Voltaire spoke of that frighten me.

  9. Glad to hear your recovery is going well. While we haven't the numbers there are a lot of people, especially in Western Canada, who support those who stormed the Capitol. I'm hopeful that the new administration in the U.S. will be able to start the process of unifying the country without there being further violence.

    Take care, stay well!

  10. It is so good to hear from you, Linda, and that your recovery is going so well. I too am terrified about what is yet to come from these domestic terrorists, but there are many signs that after we get through this pandemic and well into a new administration, life might become more sane once again. Glad you are there and sharing your thoughts through this time.

  11. Wonderful commentary about the state of our nation. How sad that it is so, but that is human nature. I started watching "Jack Ryan" on Amazon. It is a bit R rated at times but I felt great sadness at how racial prejudice can form actions that are detrimental to everyone. The French captain told Jack about how Hindis, Muslims, etc. are never accepted as equals. She said that there are French people, and everyone else is not.

    Hawaii has a different twist - in that there are local people (born and raised in Hawaii regardless of race), and everyone else is not. White people (haoles) are in a different class, depending on their attitude. A white supremacist thinking one would have a very difficult time here - and we just found out that one was arrested at Honolulu Airport after returning from Washington DC's riot. Leader of Proud Boys of Hawaii - an insult of a name.

    Thank you for updating us about your healing. Pain will soon be a forgotten memory!


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