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Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Busy Day

Tom and I headed out this morning about 9:30.  First stop - Starbucks.  While I'm not usually a morning coffee drinker, this morning I needed caffeine.  My night hadn't been all that restful.

We joined Jill and the kids at the ball park, where Isaac's team had a good lead on the opposition.
 At his next at bat, Isaac got a base hit!  He took the rest of the bases on balls, and by the end of that inning, his team had a ten point lead, which means the game was called.  
 The team celebrated and then we got a head start on our project for the day.
We bought a shed for Jill, since they don't have the use of a garage at their rental.  This was the day to put it together.
 Tom unpacked the parts, and construction was underway.  We needed Isaac, the expert Lego constructor, to help with the directions and construction.  Tom had him using the electric drill to put most of the screws in place.

 Making progress!

I was in charge of lunch.  We had a picnic outside.
I was also in charge of getting the yard back in shape.  
 I took the hedge trimmer to the blackberries in the ditch, then tore into the shrubbery beginning to hide the windows.  Getting all of that cleaned up, I mowed the grass.
Red faced, sweaty and tired, and happy to be done.
 And at the same time the shed was declared done!
Tom put the tools in the van,
 and then the crew posed for final photos.
Since then we've helped move stuff into the shed, Tom and I returned home, cleaned up, and went out for dinner.  Now it's time to settle in our recliners in front of the TV and watch the Sounders soccer match being played in LA.
Go Sounders!


  1. what a lucky daughter to have so much family support!

  2. Wow, you did indeed have a busy day. I've actually had a strong desire to do some gardening this spring but I have no garden. Son & family are in Japan. When we went to feed their cats I lost control. I found a pair of trimmers in the garage & pruned the purple spring blooming clematis. I don't think he's trimmed it in the ten years they've lived there. It was a mess. I feel better now. Tomorrow I may trim something else & see how that feels.

  3. Everybody should have to put one of these sheds together. It should also be worth about 2 or 3 college credits. Nice job everybody.

  4. "A Busy Day"! "A Busy Day"?? That is the title of your post? I am sorry, Linda, but how is that different from any other day in your life? There, I just had to get that out of my system. Now, good job all around. I can see in their faces that Jill, Isaac, and Irene really appreciate you two.

  5. I have to agree with Olga: you are usually quite active. I smiled at that picture of you looking quite worn out. Tell Tom I love it! :-)

  6. Were you able to attend to the game, or did you fall quickly asleep?!

    What a day!

  7. Family times are always good times. Nice crew. I'm tired just reading about your day. The recliner always puts me in dreamland.

  8. When we get sunshine in Washington, our inspiration levels skyrocket. Great job on both the yard and the shed. Those sheds are easier when you do the second one, which no one ever does. :)

  9. Wow! You really had a busy day but I'll bet it felt really good to get it done. These are great family photos. I'm so glad Jill has you close by to help with these projects even though she's so very independent.

  10. You accomplish more in a day than I accomplish in a week.

  11. Wow, I'll bet you had no trouble sleeping that night. What a productive day. Well done. I helped put one of those shed together years ago without an electric screw driver. It was awful.

  12. Nice looking shed. We hired someone to do ours, and he did a lousy job on the handles. Lol.

  13. Whew, Linda I am worn out I think I will take a nap. LOL
    Your family is so fortunate to have each other. MB


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