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Sunday, January 4, 2015

All Done, All Gone

Putting Christmas away is a big job here.  I have spent the last several days taking down and putting away, and then putting things back again.

On Friday I started in the dining room, putting it back to its every-month-but-December look. 
Tom helped me take down the garlands on the beams in the dining room and kitchen. 

On Saturday I tackled the Santa collection.

 They are now all stored on their tubs and Tom has put them back in the attic.
 By Saturday evening the shelves were bare. 
 On Saturday afternoon I tackled the tree.  Two more tubs of ornaments are now back in the attic.
 Saturday evening Tom packed up the tree and stuffed it back in the box in the garage.
Meanwhile Tom worked Saturday on the outside lights, but he got rained out today.  He helped with the house cleaning and laundry today, and we got things moved back.

My pottery collection and Tom's pop-up book collection are back on the shelves.
Everything is back in its place.
We're moving on to the new year.


  1. The bookshelves looked strange in their intermediate stage. Now they look right again. :-)

  2. That's the first time I've watched someone put their Christmas decorations away! Glad you have things back together, girlfriend.

  3. Rewarding work when you get so much pleasure out of it. It really helps if you're super organized with the tubs.

  4. OK... Now you have me motivated. I was feeling guilty about not having the house cleaned completely this year. Just didn't have the energy. But by golly, you've now set an example which I must follow.

  5. You are all set for January! me not so much...the downstairs is almost back to normal upstairs will wait a bit yet:)

  6. All we put up was our Christmas tree, so there was not much to put away.

  7. The one part of decorating for Christmas I don't miss since I got a destructive cat. I always felt my house seemed void of life for a few days as it returned to normal.
    Yours looks grand again.

  8. All i have left are some snowflake clings in the windows...a little Florida joke. It only took me a half hour to put everything else away and my Vermont decorations came down on December 20, just before I left.

  9. that's on my to do list today...but I just cover my little Christmas tree with a bag and move it into storage.

  10. You sure are ready for January! I smiled at the picture with all of the plastic tubs lined up. We're leaving our decorations up a little longer this year for a get together on Saturday but then we too will have a parade of plastic tubs.

  11. Your dining room is just beautiful! It's a good feeling to get everything back in it's place after Christmas.


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