Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's Blooming, January 1st, 2015

For quite a few years now I have tried to photograph anything blooming in our yard on the first day of January.  Some mild years we have had lots of little bloomers, but not this year. 

We've had some deep freezes leading up to New Years this fall and winter, so blooms are scarce.
 Primroses seem to try to bloom anytime except in the heat of summer.
                                                             Br-r-r- Bird.

 A few remnants of The Fairy Rose are all that is left of the roses.

 Leaf buds are swelling on the native shrubs, Indian Plum ↑ and Red Currant ↓.
 The vanilla scented tiny flowers of the Sarcococca are beginning to open.

 One sad pansy is persisting. 
 A very few blooms have opened on the Carpet of Snow.  It won't fully bloom until May. 

Daphne Odora will follow the Sarcococca in creating fragrance. 
 But the winner is Winter Jasmine.  Nothing seems to prevent this delicate looking little flower from profusely filling its arching stems. 

 Now I'll confess that I took these photos one day early, on December 31st, as the sun was setting and the moon was rising on a crystal clear day and another cold night.
Happy New Year, everyone!  


  1. Wow! Anything in bloom on January 1 amazes me. Here it's a bitterly cold day. Good old primroses. I love them but won't see any in bloom here before June.

  2. Happy New Year, Linda and Tom! You have more blooming there than I have. My Primroses are looking pretty sparse. I do see some swelling buds out there though. Spring is not far off.

  3. I had not thought of documenting blooms on January 1. Yours are lovely and a good number for a cold day.

    I went out to see about the scattered lantana, Loropetalum fringes and red Shrimp plant in protected places. A surprise was Taiwan Cherries in bloom that I had not noticed. I thought it too early but we had warm days last week.

  4. There's always something blooming in your world, Linda. Wish I could smell those flowers. :-)

  5. love to see those blooms and buds forming for a return to warmth and spring...

  6. Impressive color considering I am living in a beige world right now. Good to know somewhere is still trying.

  7. Amazing shots! I am glad Mariota and the Ducks won. Yay for Hawaii.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Any blooms are pretty this time of the year.The winter jasmine reminds me a little of a shrub around here called witches broom. I never understood how it got that name.

  9. Winter blooms are precious! We're so lucky to live here where there are seasons and yet we still have blooms in the winter! Come on spring!

  10. Winter blooms are very precious and so many of them seem to be fragrant. I love your sarcococca and the daphne.

  11. What fun to see some flowers! It will be months five before we have flowers. Thanks! :)

  12. Happy New Year!!! I'm surprised anything can bloom when there's ice in the bird bath.


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