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Friday, January 9, 2015

Our 12th Man

We had a fun time celebrating Isaac's 12th birthday yesterday evening.

We gathered, seven of us family members, at the local Red Robin for hamburgers for dinner. 
 There are always theme for these kids birthdays, and it started out with a Seahawks theme, but then somehow it got switched to Narwhals, but ended up being a combination.  What better way to celebrate a 12th birthday than to wear 12th Man gear. 
 We had our own blue and green. 
 "It was you, Mom!  You are responsible for these people singing to me and making me the center of unwanted attention!"

 Back at their house there was cake and ice cream - Narwhal cake, of course.  Jill does find a way to come up with a theme cake. 
 And there were gifts, of course, some having traveled from far away family in Colorado and South Carolina. 
 At this house there are always kitties. 
 Isaac and Irene are learning to play chess.
 Irene took her own photos. 
 And we sang and ate cake!
Happy Birthday to Isaac!

And now today he gets his braces on his teeth. :-/


  1. Oh, braces! What a dreadful reward for having endured all that attention. No fair.

  2. I had braces at age 12, also.
    Happy birthday, Isaac.
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  3. Well, the braces are probably not his favorite birthday gift but at least he will get it over with. My dentist is still suggesting braces for me. Hasn't convinced me though.

  4. Braces, not fair. At least he got to enjoy the cake brace free.
    Looks like his entrance into year 12 was a grand one.

  5. So hard for kids to recognize the need for braces and the difference they will make in their lives. Although I think it's kind of trendy now to have braces.

  6. Lucky boy to have such a great party. Happy birthday Isaac.

  7. Yes, happy birthday to Isaac. I was struck how much he reminded me of my own 12 year old grandson. Atticus would say the exact same thing about unwanted attention! Atticus is also growing his hair out, and I must say I think he and Isaac have the most beautiful hair. It makes me envious.

    He is growing up fast. Loved the cake. Soon you will have a teenager on your hands.

  8. ah almost a teenager...they do grow up fast!

  9. Great pictures and an awesome cake for the 12th Man (well, almost a man at 12). :-)

  10. That cake is wild! Jill can do about her mom and dad. I always enjoy your pictures. You're such a special family!

  11. Happy Birthday Issac! Our Adam who is 13 has braces too...I keep special snacks on hand for him:)

  12. Happy Birthday Isaac! What an amazing birthday celebration he had! Braces are so much easier to tolerate for kids these days. I had to wear mine for about 7 years. Sigh.

  13. Looks like everyone enjoyed the party. Isaac wasn't even hiding from the camera and let grandma get some great pictures of him!


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