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Monday, January 5, 2015

Media Catastrophe!

Yesterday while I was moving things around and we were cleaning house, we had our big TV on, tuned in to one of the football playoff games.

The shelves were bare, but the TV was there.

Now look.
Yep, the shelves are full but the TV is gone. 

Because we have the TV sound running through our surround sound speaker system, we didn't notice when the screen went dark.  Later, when I tried to turn on the screen, no luck.  There was no power to the TV at all.

We tried various things, like checking power cords and the reset button on the set, to no avail. I called the Samsung support number and got a person in some distant land who we could barely understand, who had us repeat all of the things we had already done, as if we were stupid or something.  Very irritating.  When she decided we needed a technician, she gave us the name of a local service provider, which was the same one we had before.  I could have skipped all that part.

I called the service provider this morning.  They are backed up until NEXT TUESDAY!

Now I know some of you don't watch much TV, but we do, especially in the dark of winter when the weather is like today.
 And not only that, but Downton Abby just started a new series and all of our favorite evening shows are restarting after the holidays.  

Last night we watched a few shows sitting at the kitchen table viewing this screen.
But I want to be sitting in my recliner watching on my 55 inch screen when I watch Downton Abby, AND when I watch the SEAHAWKS on Saturday when they begin their march to the Superbowl. 

I have Downton Abby set to record at 3:00 PM on Thursday, when it is rebroadcast.  I think the cable box can do this even if there is no TV.  We just can't watch it. 

We decided to take the TV to the service shop instead of waiting for a service man to come to us.  It will be cheaper, and I think, and hope, it will be faster. I impressed on the man in the shop how much we NEEDED it by Saturday.  Of course almost everyone here in Seattle knows why we would need it by then.  He just grinned. 


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Linda.

  2. Oh, hoping you get it fixed. Perhaps you can have pizza in the nearby sport bar??

  3. We just went through a similar set back for the second time ih 4 months and decided no more repair fee. We have a new Samsung smart TV that we now are learning to get used to. It is getting smarter but we are struggling with the new tech. We updated the sound too- got Bose sound bar and gave receiver and wired speakers to daughter. Shevwanted them.
    Hope you get it sorted soon.

  4. There is usually nothing on, but for sure when there is something you want to watch, something interferes. We have Downton Abbey recorded to view tonight instead of all the garbage on the schedule. Had to watch "Good Wife" last night.

  5. We watched Good wife on our little TV last night. too.
    This is a Samsung Smart TV, only 2.5 years old.

  6. Your title sure does say it all. Hope it is back on that shelf soon.

  7. Last night we started watch LAST SEASON of Good Wife on Netflix. We're a year behind.

    Unbelievably difficult to get Seahawks games when you're in Tucson.

    Here's hoping for a quick repair and a return to your recliner.

  8. These mysterious breakdowns occur at the most annoying times. Good luck on the repair.

  9. Sorry about your disaster! Hope everything is back to normal very soon!

  10. Hope your TV is fixed soon.

  11. Our TV went kaput after five years, so I bought a smart TV which has done quite well. It cost almost half what the other flat screen cost, so now if (when) it goes out, I won't panic. But it's not a 55 inch, either. Hope you get everything back in place soon! :-)

  12. Hope you get the TV back in time! I'm sure you know who the Seahawks will be playing Saturday night. :) Our Carolina Panthers. Oh my, I will be thinking about you all while we're pulling for the Panthers and Cam Newton. I have to watch Downton Abbey in my sewing room on my tiny TV. Poppy doesn't care for shows like that.

  13. Ghastly timing to go dark. Thank goodness you do have a back up. Hope you get back in business in time for the game.

  14. what would we do without electricity-we are certainly dependent on the GRID! hope all goes well with the repair...


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