Greetings from Seattle

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rallying for the Hawks!

After our usual Friday morning breakfast, Tom and I drove over to Renton, a suburb of Seattle that just so happens to be the city where the Seahawks headquarters and practice facility are located. 

It was Blue Friday, and time for the 12s to gather in support of our team in the first playoff game on Saturday. The rally was held at the Renton city hall, and we purposefully parked quite a distance away, so that we would have to walk to get there.  We bundles up for the cold fog, but it lifted by 11:00 and the weather was quite pleasant.
 It was fun watching people in their team gear.
 Some were over the top!

 There were silly contests on the stage and prize giveaways and mascots and the Sea Gals and music and milling about. 

 And very good, free hot dogs!

 Some Seahawks supporters are just animals!


Meet Richard Purrman and his person. 

 I thought at first this Newfoundland might be a bear!

 The Twelves were flying high. 
After about an hour we walked back to the car at Cedar River Park and then to undo that giant hotdog we walked some more along the Cedar river trail.  We accumulated over five miles by the time we returned to the car to drive home.

 This afternoon we finished the lanterns that had been in the Seattle Times each day this week and hung them.
 It will soon be game time.
And just in case you want to help us out by cheering on the Seahawks, the game starts at 5:15 PST.  But if you are a Carolina fan, forgetaboutit. 


  1. I am a fan of Pete Carroll, who is such a handsome, energetic, and inspiring coach.
    Way to go, Hawks!

  2. Tribes, we all belong to one or another.

  3. good luck, looks like you are ready for the game

  4. I'm not a Carolina fan, in fact, I'm not really much of a sports fan. But having lived the first 50+ years of my life in Massachusetts, I am a bit of a Patriots fan. I hear there is a possibility the Hawks might end up facing off against the Pats in the SuperBowl. If so, I won't hold it against you if you promise not to hold it against me.

  5. Watching the game as I write this. I may turn it off because I cannot seem to stop worrying! Bad for my blood pressure. :-)

  6. I've got some good friends who actually travel to Seattle for games. Looks like Hawaii is pulling for the Seahawks. I can feel the excitement from your photos. That IS a huge dog and I love all the outfits.

  7. I didn't get around to reading blogs until after the game. They really did well. How fun that you live close enough to participate in all the festivities.

  8. No one will ever accuse you of being a so-so Seahawks fan. My heavens, some of the animal fans are amazing! Love that Newfoundland dog.

  9. Goodness the rally looks as much fun as the game.Congrats on a wonderful win. Looked for you in the stands but then I remembered you were watching in the warmth of your home in front of that rejuvenated TV.
    Let's go Repeat.

  10. Your enthusiasm for the game is admirable and must be the reason the Seahawks won!


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