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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Project Me, and a Movie Review

A year ago I was working on me to lose a few pounds and be in the best shape possible before my back surgery at the end of January.

That surgery was very successful, and I have enjoyed being free of the limitations and pain that my back problems caused.  I was especially happy to be so mobile as we walked all over Athens and Rome and other Mediterranean ports on our cruise this fall.   However I was not pleased with the results of eating all that good cruise ship food, or the fun time we had eating over the holidays. 

Now, this January, I have more than a few pounds to get rid of.  This week I started back on my exercise routine of weights, stretches, balance, and core strengthening, and I have begun a 10,000 steps a day walking campaign. 

As you can see, I met my goal yesterday.
That's not hard to do if I include 3.5 miles of aerobic walking. I hope to do this at least five days a week. 

I'm usually a solitary walker, but this week I've had a walking companion.  Tom enjoyed his eating too.  Of course he has less to lose and will lose it faster - just like a man.
Since our big TV is still in the shop, we decided to go out to see another movie that is on my want-to-see list.  We chose The Imitation Game, based on the true story of Alan Turing, a mathematical genius who became the chief cryptologist trying to break the German code, Enigma, during WWII. 

 The movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Turning, and he does an outstanding job of creating this troubled and tormented character, a man who is an enigma himself.  Turing did not have a happy life, but because of his persistence, he was able to use his gifts to save perhaps millions of lives and defeat Hitler and the Nazis. I highly recommend this movie. 


  1. Good Job!! I am trying to do 10,000 steps a day to. I have made it everyday except yesterday.

  2. Good luck on your next challenge. Being active helps in many ways.

  3. I'm impressed, still trying to get over my cold then I'll start walking again...

  4. I doubt I'll get out to the theater to see it, but thanks for the review. I'll probably rent it when it becomes available. Good luck on losing weight, I'm working on that too. I need to start walking.

  5. I have a pedometer too...with not nearly as many steps as you...oh well gives me something to shoot for! :)

  6. Good for you! I have "Get Moving" on my goal list for the month, but have yet to put it in motion. I need to buy one of those gadgets to motivate me. I was able to visit Bletchley Park, where the code breakers worked, last time I was in England. It's such a great story. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, but doubt it will come to my little town. I'll have to wait for NetFlix.

  7. I should exercise so I will start by walking outdoors like you and Tom.
    That sounds like an interesting movie.

  8. It just came to Bellingham, first showing this Friday! I'll be there; it's on my list. I have been careful during this holiday season and have found that the best way for me to keep the weight off is to weigh every morning. For someone who had almost a pathological aversion to the scales, this is really something! :-)

  9. Those Omron pedometers are awesome! I've been wearing one for about 8 years now!

    Good luck with the walking!

  10. Thanks for the recommendation. The movie has had a lot of press, but that doesn't always mean it will be good. Congrats on the walking!

  11. Good for you both to take on attending to your health and well-being.

  12. Cruises are notorious for adding pounds. The food is great and always available.
    Great plan you have and so far you are doing a bit above. Darn men, they really do lose more and faster than we do.
    Wish you both luck and nice you have a walking partner. Makes time go faster.

  13. It's so annoying that Art needs to gain weight, but I need to lose 5 pounds. Argh!

    I'm all admiration that you're able to get so many steps in. Sigh...


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