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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Celebrating the Green

It seemed to me that after all of the stuff we have been taking out of our yard, we should celebrate St. Patrick's Day by going plant shopping for things to fill the new spaces. 

We started at the big box store, Home Depot, because if you can find what you want there, you will pay less for it than at a nursery.  We did find a couple of things, and then we were off to the Puyallup Valley to Watson's GREENhouse to spend some GREEN on some more GREEN things. 

Actually, greenbacks never changed hands - it's all plastic credit cards these days - and most the plants we picked out weren't all that green: there were golds and silvers, and gray and burgundy and all shades of green, and even a few blossoms. 
Some of these will go into the ground and some will go into pots.  Planting will be more fun that pulling out.

Watson's has so many beautiful dispalys of plants and decorator items and everything to make your patio or garden room lovely.  We enjoyed just looking. 

 These fake plants ↓ actually look quite real.  I bought a few for my kitchen window after killing many real plants in that location.

We were home for a late lunch and then I got a start on the stew for dinner before going for a 3.6 mile walk in a light rain.
The later flowering cherry trees are blooming already. Spring is going too fast, and it isn't even official yet!

Then for dinner there was beef stew.  I don't know if it was Irish stew, but it was hot and flavorful, just right for a damp, chilly evening. 
I hope your St. Patrick's Day was a lucky one.


  1. Looks like you got a nice haul at Watson's! It's probably been a month since I'v been there. Great way to spend St. Pat's day!

  2. It really is coming along fast, isn't it? Spring is everywhere around here. Love your pictures, and I noticed that Tom was wearing a green hat and you've got a shamrock on your jacket. Sounds like it was a great St. Patty's Day for you. Me, too. :-)

  3. Your photos are all so inviting! They make me want to get out and garden!

  4. your dinner looks tasty and the spring flowers lovely we are heading fast towards summer but spring has been earlier and longer this year...

  5. All the foliage color gives another challenge and opportunity for making your garden. The Irish stew looks very tasty.

  6. Watson's is a great place! Looks like you found plenty to fill up any empty spots in your garden.

  7. I'm a beef eater, so love either a roast with potatoes and carrots and onions, or a good beef stew. Looks like you have a great start on your summer garden.

  8. Watson's sounds like the place to go.
    MMmmmm that stew looks very good.
    Tulip time here---better hurry. I did post some pics we took yesterday.

  9. Wonderful plants. I wore a green muumuu on St Patrick's Day.

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  11. I like to wonder around a plant nursery like that.

  12. I'm getting the fever myself only here we have to keep fingers crossed that we don't get hit by a late frost or freeze.
    You really have some lovely choices. So far, we only have veggies and petunias to choose from.

  13. It would be hard to pick out just one or two plants. Your stew looks healthy and delicious. I just love those pink tulips...first picture in your last lovely post!

  14. I love Tom's green hat too!

    What? The cherry trees are blooming now??? Doggone it!

  15. You picked out some pretty plants. That would be a fun greenhouse to walk through :)


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