Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Busy Week

This morning we hosted our garden club.  I'll post about that later.  This post is about getting ready for today.

When it rained, we cleaned out the garage.  No pretty pictures there, just lots of dirt and stuff to be cleaned up and put away and reorganized.  That's where we hosted our garden group this morning while we worked on a project. 

When it wasn't raining, we worked outside in the yard, trimming and planting and sweeping and finally, edging.  Now it's all looking quite spiffy. 

 Tom worked up another garden box and planted lettuce.  Sweet peas are also planted. 

 The first trillium to emerge have already gone pink.  Others are just now opening pure white. 
 May Apple and Mouse Plant. 

 Red trillium

 Fragrant Viburnum burkwoodii

 Japanese maples are flowering. 

We've also had a house guest this week.  Irene has been sick with the same virus that caused Isaac to develop pneumonia two weeks ago.  We had her here Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Jill stayed home and took her to the doctor on Thursday. 
Fortunately an x-ray showed no lung involvement and today she announced that she feels "so much better!" We have the kids again today while Jill plays in the mountains again with the Mountaineers. 

Tomorrow we travel south to my sister's home for a family reunion, since my brother is visiting from Boston.  My salad and dessert are ready now.  I just finished up in the kitchen.   The you-bake pizza has been picked up. Soon we'll settle in for an away Sounders match on the TV machine.  

And then it will be an early night to bed.  We're tired. 


  1. I'll say things look grass and lots of blooms.

  2. Wow! That is all impressive! Spring is definitely in full swing. Sorry to hear about Irene, but glad she didn't get pneumonia like her brother. Now you and Tom need to be careful. Have a great time with your family.

  3. Your tulips provide so much color and brightness. Such a smart move preparing all those pots in the fall.

  4. Stunning. I have such tulip envy! I do love tulips.

  5. Spiffy, for sure! Gorgeous gardens. All of those flowers in bloom and luscious-looking greedy make me yearn to get out into my small flower garden,...which now has only a foot of snow covering it. I told Ken last night that I'm mentally planning my vegetable garden. Got to do something while waiting for the snow to melt!

  6. I spent some time yesterday in my measly little garden and was so tired I cannot for the life of me figure out how you and Tom manage your fantastic place. I guess I'd better get out to the Skagit Valley as I look at your tulips in full bloom! :-)

  7. Your yard/garden is absolutely amazing. I know how much effort all this entrails. As soon as nights stop freezing i will head outside and work on mine with motivation from yours.

  8. Yours is the perfect place for a garden club meeting. Here, you would be number one on the garden tour we have each year. Be proud of your work, it is awesome.
    So sorry Irene is sick and hope she is back to normal soon.

  9. Such a beautiful garden, the perfect venue for a garden club.


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