Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Else We've Been Up To

After many sunny days and much opportunity for working in the garden, the rain has come to give us some rest.

Spring is happening here fast and furious, and keeping up with the garden feels that way too.
Here is some of the proof: the remains of the rose tree/cherry tree, the clipped sword ferns, prunings from various shrubs, the tops of the cut back salal, and more.  We'll have to rent a truck this week to haul it to the yard waste station.  We have two large yard waste bins, but they were full the first day of the two week cycle.  That's where the other rose prunings are along with who knows what.

So what does all of this look like?
 Here I spent hours digging out variegated Bishop's Weed.  It's a pretty foliage plant, but a thug, whose underground runners are very invasive.  I decided it was finally time to tackle it.  I will still have to get after the remnants that have spread into the adjacent plantings, but that will be piecemeal.  I did cut the bottom out of a deep nursery pot and replanted one clump. Now there is room for a few new plants!
I dug the dwarf lambs ears that border the rose bed, divided them and replanted. 

Tom worked up one of the raised beds and planted the dahlias.

 The salal is trimmed and hydrangeas and butterfly bushes pruned.

 Overwintered pots are coming out of the greenhouse.
 Tom has been tending to his geranium cuttings and has started seeds of tomatoes and annual flowers for the cutting garden. 

Tom's bonsai have come out from under the cloche to catch the rain and will soon be moved to their summer display benches.
 Espaliered fruit trees are pruned and will soon be blooming. 
And lots more is blooming too. 

Yesterday we had the grand kids for the day to keep us hopping, and then we went to a Sounders game in the evening.  Seattle lost this one, but we had fun in the city and at the stadium, following all the rituals. The rain stopped and held off until sometime late in the night.

Now it's Sunday morning and the rain is tumbling down.  It's  welcome in our garden, and we're happy to admire our work from inside today.


  1. Beautiful job! I'd love to see something, anything in bloom right about now, but alas....once the snow is gone, which won't be any time soon, we can start thinking about gardening chores.

  2. your labors of love are certainly justly rewarded.

  3. Yes, the rain is back today with a vengeance. Your garden looks lovely, all tidied up. I'm still working slowly on mine.

  4. So lovely, but that looks like a little more work than I would like, Wish you lived next door and I would just sit on my porch and make you tea while we looked over you garden.

  5. Wow, your place is a amazing. I thought I had too many Spring chores, no comparison. It sure is worth all your effort however.

  6. I'm glad that the rain gave you a much needed rest. Your work sure does show throughout your entire garden and back yard. And oh my! Your tulips are already up!! :-)

  7. Your yard is lovely. I especially like the grass so green it almost hurts my eyes. Bishop's Goutweed is the worst! I had it in a garden once and it escaped into the yard. I used to plant Tall Marigolds amongst it to give it some charm:)

  8. What an awesome looking place. It's also great to see spring. It will be 6 weeks before we see much green.

  9. Linda, it is all just glorious. It really is spring there. I don't know how you both keep it up. I should come up and help you so I could get a gardening fix!

    I never would have dared to trim back roses this early in Colorado. Some years, I worried about cutting them back mid-May.

  10. Your garden always looks so good and well tended! You work very hard and it's evident by your glorious garden! Starting tomato seeds was on my list for this weekend but it didn't get done so tomorrow after school will have to do. This will be the first year I've started anything from seed in years but wanted to give it a try.

  11. Oh wow! Everything is coming up... TOO early! Tulips too?

  12. I can just feel the coolness and green as we head into pre summer temps of 80 degrees...

  13. Lovely to see what you have done to your yard.


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