Monday, March 30, 2015

Dozens of Cousins

My sister Laurie and her husband Arnold, who live near Winlock, Washington, hosted a family reunion Sunday.  The reason for this timing was that my brother Don and wife Sheree were visiting from the Boston area.   The five of us surviving siblings are rarely all together in the same place, so when that happens, it calls for making it an occasion. 

My sister Ilene, front and center, is the oldest and is now enjoying calling herself the family matriarch.  How did it happen that we are now the old people? I am second oldest, then my sister Laurie, on the left, then brothers Henry on the left and Don on the right, in birth order. ↓
 Here we are with our spouses: my Tom, Henry with his Cindy, Laurie's Arnold in the center back, and Don with Sheree.  Ilene was recently widowed, and we miss will Mike at these gatherings. 
 In the next photo we have the "mature" cousins. Kathy and Marshal, back left, and Lila, right front, are Norquist cousins, from our Dad's family.  Kris and Dan, back row, are Hofstetter cousins, from our Mother's family. ↓
 This good looking bunch is the next generation, all first cousins: back row  - Andy, Jake, Katie and her husband Troy, Ben, Tim, Stewart; front row - Jordan, Jill, Ben's wife Ericka, and Tim's wife Kathy. Looks like we're missing Andy's wife Jody.↓
 It took some work to get the third generation to settle for their photo.  They are a busy bunch and a little to clever for their own good. These kids are all first or second cousins: in the back - Hans and Nathan; in front - Irene, Hannah, Mia, Heidi, Larson, Oliver, and Isaac. 
There are more of us, of course. Ilene has another son and a bunch of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Two of Henry's three kids live across the country, and he has three grandchildren, with more on the way.  Don and Sheree have three children living in the east and the south with grandchildren yet to come. 

With all the posed photos, there were plenty of photographers.  

 There were a few hi-jinks with the "adult kids" too. 
And there was lots of eating and visiting. 

 Niece Katie surprised us with an anniversary cake!  It was our 46th anniversary on Sunday.
 We shared the spotlight with Henry and Cindy, who celebrated their 6th anniversary the day before. 
 Impromptu posing led to this sweet pic of cousins and good friends Katie and Jill. 
 And here's that kid who hates to have his picture taken. Ha-Ha, Isaac, you knew you risked being published!
A good time was had by all!

As you notice, we were outside most of the time.  It was about 60 degrees with light clouds and no sprinkles, just what the planners ordered.

Thank you very much to Laurie and Arnold for all of the work that went into arranging and preparing for and hosting this event. It was a great success. 


  1. I saw many of these photos briefly on Facebook, but it was sure nice to see them here, with names to go with the faces. What a big sprawling family! That picture of Isaac made me laugh. Ralph Lauren better not see it or you might lose him to the Dark Side. :-)

  2. Nothing beats a wonderful family get together.

  3. Wonderful to have these family gatherings and a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Tom... hugs...Michelle

  4. What a great day for you to be with family. It looks as though a good time was had by all.

  5. So happy you had so much fun with the family. My brothers and I are seldom all together at the same time. And now even getting my own kids, grandkids and us together seems to be more and more of a challenge.

  6. You're smart family to set up reunions. It's really difficult to set up family gatherings and it's sad that many times it's at weddings or funerals.

  7. Happy Anniversary, Linda and Tom. Great shot of Jill and her cousin Katie. Looks like a fun party!

  8. Great pose Isaac! How nice you could all get together and the weather cooperated too! :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I'm noticing the kids in t-shirts and shorts. It's really warming up, hunh?

    These photos will be family treasures. How wonderful that everybody could get together.

  10. What a cute, photogenic bunch of people! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  11. Happy anniversary and such a great gathering to help you celebrate. My what a large family, I am envious. I only have two cousins, one from each side of the family.
    Cute one of Isaac.

  12. Happy Anniversary! Looks like, as usual, your family gathering was a grand time for all!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Looks like, as usual, your family gathering was a grand time for all!


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