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Saturday, March 21, 2015

March Madness

No, not that Madness; not basketball.  I know some of you have your favorite teams in the dance, but I don't.  Well, there is Gonzaga, from eastern Washington State.  They have made it through the first round, and many locals are rooting for them.  I'll keep track of them, but I doubt I will sit and watch a whole game.

The Madness I am referring to is March weather. We have had an especially warm and dry March this year. Today I thought we were back to normal, with rain squalls and sun breaks followed by more rain squalls and lower temps.  That's what Weather Underground, my go-to online forecaster, told me.  It was supposed to stop raining between 9 and 10:00 this morning so I could get my walk in. 

I am finally dropping some of the weight I gained cruising and holiday eating  and I need my daily walks to keep that going.  At 10:15 I  put on my hat and rain jacket and headed out into the light rain and wind.  It rained harder, then lighter, then harder, as I walked. Finally, when I got to the park, I had sunbeams and rain drops mixed. 

 Usually I have a love/hate relationship with March weather, but this year it is more love. 
 By the time I finished my 3.5 miles, my rain jacket was almost dried off.  But the sky looked threatening, so I worked on a project in the garage.  

After lunch I wanted to get out and do some more planting if the weather held.  It did!

The tulips continue to color up.
 The greens glow in the sunlight.
 I think I'm through planting now in this newly restructured bed.
 I have been working on planting out stuff from our own nursery, and Tom has moved his bonsai out from under cover and onto the display benches so he can get the sweet peas planted in the garden boxes. 

 And now it's after 4:00, I'm done for the day, and the sun is still shining in an almost blue sky, and sunlight is pouring through the windows.
So much for our rainy Saturday. 

Now you easterners really have March Madness weather!


  1. You have the kind of spring I dream about. So beautiful.

  2. Tom's Bonsai look great, your yard is so pretty already, those Red Tulips look awesome:)

  3. The weather for the last couple of days has been very much typical March. I actually gardened in the light rain yesterday, and went out this afternoon at about 5:30 to pull weeds until darkness set in. Your green lawn does look like it's glowing.

  4. Oh gracious! Just look at those cherry trees blooming already. Sigh. I've just packed a bunch of umbrellas.

  5. After the way it rained earlier in the day, I was quite surprised to see the sun streaming in the window in the late afternoon. It was actually a nice day after all! :-)

  6. what beautiful bonzai trees and of course your lovely yard...

  7. I love those beautiful tulips. I wish I could grow some next to my mail box, but that's not gonna happen.

  8. Those cherry blossoms are just beautiful and I love Tom's bonsais. That is a nice display of them.

  9. March is variable and throws everything at you. You have to go out in inclement weather if you're going to get your walk in.

  10. Have a nice day and enjoy the climate! Your garden looks very beautiful with a swing in the middle. The way you have grown the plants looks good.

  11. I think I will just go out and buy a ticket to your neck of the woods. I would take the drizzle and the crazy madness of March to see this beauty. Those pink blossomed trees made my heart dance a little. They are stunning! Then, you saw the heart shaped puddle. My daughter teases me about looking for heart shaped rocks that I have around the house. I don't look for them, sometimes, like the puddle, they are just there in our pathway for the observer of all things beautiful and serendipitous.

    Everything is still brown here!

  12. Your yard is so pretty, always! I love the tulips! We have March madness here too. Freezing temperatures again! Speaking of the other March Madness, our UNC Carolina team lost to Wisconsin last night. It was heartbreaking. They played really good!


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