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Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Sounders Soccer Season Again!

Major League Soccer must have the longest season of any professional sport in the country.

Last year we opened on March 8th, and the playoff final, for the MLS cup, was held the first week in December.

Fortunately, Tom and I were ready to go again.  
Selfie on the light rail.

Our season opener was Sunday evening, March 8th.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and 60, and the first day of Daylight Saving Time, so we marched to the match at 5:30 in plenty of daylight.
We "dined" on the upper terrace.
There was pageantry and tifo.

 The view from our new seats on the third level rail was great.
At halftime the sun was just going down.
 We got the result we wanted, a 3-o win over the New England Revolution!
 All in all, a great opener and a great evening. 


  1. This is looking like a ton of fun!

  2. All those soccer fans! I'm so impressed. It's been gaining in popularity these past few years, and I'm so glad we won! :-)

  3. We will be starting baseball season this weekend. And my grandson is starting baseball practice for the kids.

  4. Life is good: super weather, a great show, beautiful facility, good eats and a win by your favorite team!

  5. Enjoy the soccer season. My 2 grandkids play in the soccer league, too.

  6. Of all the sports, I think soccer is the one I would be interested in if I ever get interested in sports.

  7. That really is a long season. Poor soccer players sure don't get much down time.
    Hope you have a great season like last year.

  8. Ah! The days are getting longer!

  9. wow a new season, sunshine and a victory-what more could you ask for....

  10. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves! :)

  11. You're so high up in those seats! The pictures are just unbelievable! I like the picture of your two! You always looks happy together.


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