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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Well, That Was A Load Off!

Remember this? The cherry tree, the rose tree, the sword ferns, the salal, the shrubs; all the stuff we have been removing from the garden?

We called the waste management company to see how much it would cost to deliver a waste bin to our house that they would then haul away.  If they could even find a suitable place to put it, it would be almost $300.  

So we did it ourselves.  We rented a U-Haul box truck for $20 plus mileage and loaded it up.
 Time out!  Those bundles of rose trimmings that Tom had tied up with twine didn't look so big out in the yard, but they were heavy!  They rolled easily though, which helped.  And apparently they weren't too sticky to sit on, of else he was just too winded to notice.
 And yes, I helped.  I didn't just take pictures. 

Almost all cleaned up and on the truck.
 Off we go to the dump.  This is a new transfer station, and pretty fancy for a "dump".  We waited our turn to drive on to the scale.
I sometimes wonder about the value of the "one percent for the arts" requirement for new public construction.  What do you think of this "Sculpture"?  It appeared to be wads of old fish netting.
 It was more work to unload the truck full of trimmings and hurl it or roll it or push it off into the pit. 
 From here it will all be shredded and go to Cedar Grove Composting Company, where you can buy it back as compost to spread on your garden. :-)
 And there it is, all done, all swept up clean, here and at home.  The cost?  $35 for the truck and mileage, $37 for just over a half ton to dump, and a couple of gallons of gas.  Total, about $80. 

And then there was a feeling of relief.  That was a load off our backs and our minds. 


  1. It must feel good to have that out of the way! Good for you for finding a less expensive way to get rid of your yard waste. Sometimes I think of renting a chipper/shredder and using the result as mulch. In Tacoma, they don't charge for yard waste from your own property and we have a little truck so it's even cheaper for us.

  2. How much for liniment? I would have needed a tub full. Job well done folks.

  3. Cheaper when you do it yourself if you do not end up with a sprain at the emergency room. I do not usually like contemporary art, but his one speaks to me...looks like storm clouds in unison.

  4. Glad you were able to do it all yourselves and nobody got was all good then...Michelle

  5. That was hard work, no way around it. But it's done now, your gardens look great, and you saved a bundle.

  6. Well , that's a smart way to do things. I have an old utility trailer that I load up and dump.

  7. You two are very enterprising, not to mention determined! I am glad it's all done, and at a fraction of the cost, if you don't count all your labor, that is. :-)

  8. Good gracious! That was a lot of work, but worth the savings. I'm sure we would have done the same thing.

  9. Smart move, renting a truck and doing it yourself. Hope you are both all rested up now.

  10. I think I'd pay someone to haul it off and save my back and labors....good work!

  11. We have the woods...many acres where stuff can be hauled to decompose and go back into the forest floor. I will have to remind my husband how much we save by doing that!! :)

  12. Your work is always so neatly done. You both are amazing!


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