Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Fun Family Fourth!

Tom and I started our Independence Day celebrating by staking out our place on the Normandy Park parade route.
Then we walked up the street about four blocks to attend Becky's Parade Brunch, along with a lot of her neighbors, friends, and teacher friends, some of which we knew too. 
 There we indulged in lots of good food and conversation.
Then it was time for parade watching.  This is a neighborhood parade - no horses in this suburb, no famous people or politicians, a few fire trucks and police cars, no bands, but lots of kids and cars.

 Old tow truck ( Kinda' looks like Mater) 
 BIG tow truck!
 And what we were especially waiting for, Gus The bus!
 Gus is a 1977 VW camper van that has been in our family for many years. Aunt Jan bought it used and Gus traveled across the country with him, Jake had him for a long time and took him into the mountains, Gus moved to Colorado with Jill and explored national parks, Jake brought him back, and now he lives with Jill and Isaac and Irene, and he still gets to go camping now and then.  Groovy, Man!
 Irene had a blast!

 At the end of the parade we all followed along down to The Cove, where the vintage cars were on display.  Gus got lots of attention. 
 There were mounds of free hot dogs and ice cream and popcorn and snow cones.
 And of course, as per tradition, we walked out on the beach. 

 Showing off the patriotic nail job. 
Tom and I came home and settled into our air conditioned house and rested up for the next round of festivities.
 We gathered for the evening at Jan's house on Henderson Bay for more food and fun and fireworks.

 The sun is down but the twilight lingers long here, so the fireworks  show from the barge must wait. 

 But Jill came prepared, as usual, for her own fireworks fun.  Also, rockets were bursting in air all along the bay continuously. 

 And then it was time for the big show!

It was grand!

And as far as I know, nothing unintended burned down.  

We got home about midnight and settled the cat down. All was well and quiet here at home.  With everything so dry, fire is a very serious and real threat.  I guess people were careful, ...or lucky.

We're keeping in the red, white and blue theme around here this July 5th.  The kids are coming and we'll watch the women's world cup final together this afternoon.  I think it might have something to do with our air conditioning?

Oh well, party on!


  1. What a super pictureseque account of your wonderful day.
    We too plan tomwatch the match?

  2. I just knew that your family would have the perfect 4th of July! I want to move to Seattle! I love Gus! He is cute as can be and even cuter in the parade with Jill, Isaac, and Irene.

  3. You sure had some great celebrations. I like the two tow trucks and of course Gus, and those fireworks. I am a bit jealous you had sparklers, we can not buy them in our state.

  4. You got some GREAT shots of the fireworks, Linda. I've tried in past years but without much success. When they were going off this year I was tucked in my little bed, tired and happy that they were much less this year! I'll sleep well tonight, though, after having gotten a little less shuteye than usual. I'll bet it will be the same for you and Tom. :-)

  5. You had super fourth of July. You had a personal interest in the parade. Everybody had some fireworks.

  6. We used to have a neighborhood parade sort of like yours in Illinois. Nothing like that in our neighborhood now. I miss it. Therefore it was TONS of fun to see your photos and experience it all vicariously. What wonderful treats and food! The happiness and excitement was palpable.

  7. Sounds like great fun, a wonderful account of your celebrations.

  8. You certainly know how to celebrate the Fourth! I love Gus the Bus. What a history he has.

  9. You really are "living the dream"! Family, fun, food, and fireworks. It is a great holiday.

  10. You really are "living the dream"! Family, fun, food, and fireworks. It is a great holiday.

  11. Looks like a fun day! I enjoyed seeing Gus the bus way cool:)

  12. What a wonderful family 4th.... Perfect

  13. Cute neighborhood parade and great job decorating Gus! Nice kind of 4th celebration and really good fireworks pictures!

  14. What a fun and full fourth! Gus is way cool!


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