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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Flowers

Summer came early here in Seattle, and it has been brutally hot and dry much of July.  With some water and some attention, we have kept the blooms coming.  When one kind shuts down another appears. Here are some of the things we have blooming in Reeder Gardens in mid July. 

 The lilies are replacing the roses in the sunny rose bed. 

 Rose campion (Luchnis coronaria) helps out. 

 Daises and phlox are always reliable for putting on a show. 
Bishop of Llandaff dahlias play at their feet.  I see we are finally attracting some real honey bees.  We have lots of bumbles. 
 Knautia macedonia adds whispy color. 

 In the shade Fuchsia ballerinas dance.

 This pretty purple pansy persists despite the heat. 
 This pink/purple hydrangea enjoys the pansy's company. 

 Out in the sun, in the vegetable/cutting garden, the old style crocosmia add a splash of color against a green glass flower. 

 Threadleaf coreopsis
 It's time for zinnias and dahlias in the cutting garden, and lots of big bright bouquets in the house. 

 I always forget what this shrub is called.
 Corcosmia Lucifer is almost dome.  The hummingbirds have loved it. 
 Orange and yellow cosmos
 Sweet peas
 and marigolds
 Some marigolds just have a mind of their own. 
 Butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) enjoyed by the Western Swallowtails and the bees, and by me for their sweet fragrance.  And yes, we keep them under control.  I don't think they are invading any neighboring yards. 
 Above them all, reaching for the sun, the sunflowers smile down on us. 


  1. You have a huge assortment of very colorful blooms.

  2. So lovely (sigh!) especially that dusky purple Hydrangea, what a great color. I have lots of bumbles, and a few honey bees. I don't recall seeing honey bees in the past. Thanks so much for sharing your flowers.

  3. Oh, my, your flowers are lovely! Your pictures are all just perfect!

  4. BEE-utiful blossoms. So much color. And isn't it a satisfying feeling to have bouquets around the house.

  5. Gorgeous! I'm a little behind because of having been out of range of cellphone towers, but I sure did enjoy this little foray into your back yard. :-)

  6. Linda, your pictures of the flowers are stunning. I have a friend who is in Montana, and she says it is unusually hot there as well.

  7. Nice assortment of flowers! Your pictures are lovely!

  8. such gorgeous flowers and you know so many of their names...I'm impressed!

  9. Leycesteria formosa 'Jealousy' or 'Golden Lanterns' if the foliage is chartreuse is your unnamed shrub. Flowers are looking good! Sue

  10. I am a great zinnia and dahlia fan. All your flowers are delightful, but your zinnia's are wonderful.

    Great cast too.

  11. Wow! That's an awesome lot of amazing flowers. I love the color of the rose campion. The rose below it is beautiful too. At least I think it's a rose. You never get tired of seeing the gorgeous variety of flowers in your garden.

  12. Summertime is such a great time of year bringing with it as it does all of these delightful blooms in your garden. Oh that it could go on forever!

  13. Lovely flowers in your garden, I enjoyed seeing them:)


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