Greetings from Seattle

Friday, July 17, 2015


I have a very good life!  I have good friends and a great family. 

Today was my 71st birthday.  We started out with our usual Friday morning breakfast with friends.  They had birthday cards for me, a small gift, and one of them bought my breakfast!  Thanks, Jan!

It was almost 11:00 when we got home.  I puttered a bit and then took my Kindle and went out into the garden to sit and read. 

After lunch we went to the See's candy store where I redeemed a gift certificate I had been holding on to for quite a while and picked up a pound of dark chocolates.  Then we went to Starbucks and I got my free Vente latte, extra hot, and brought it home to the patio, where I enjoyed chocolate and coffee while I worked the newspaper puzzles, with Josy Cat at my feet. 

Tom went off to pick up Jake, while I sat in my patio rocker and read some more.  About 4:00 Jake and Tom arrived back home and I moved back inside where Jake was ensconced on the couch with his feet up.  

At 5:00 Jill and the kids arrived and there was the usual clamor of confusing conversations typical of our gatherings while some sport or another was playing on the TV. 

We moved our picnic set up off the patio and into the shade.  Tom cooked. 

 The kids played.

 Come and eat!
 Caught sneaking a chip.
 The crazy crew NOT posing. 
 Time for a brew. 
 Hmmmm.  Let me think about that.  Nope. Brews and pain pills don't mix.  
 This one doesn't need to be any goofier. Oh, I should say that at this point, Irene has my camera. 
 She went flower photoing. 

Irene and I amused each other with a bit of wacky Birthday Queen drama. 
She requested that I keep my royal jewels and amulet in place as we moved inside to have cake, "because I looked so good!"

Happy Birthday to me!
Tom took Jake home.  Jill and the kids left, and Josy and I were now alone in a quiet house.  Gotta' know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em.  Perfect timing.  

It was a very good day in a very good year in a very good life. 


  1. Happy Happy day for you all, thank you for sharing... its quite special isnt it, this seventh decade..I turned into this decade in May, and feel quite chipper most of the time.. surrounded by your family, it seemed like you had quite a ball!! Your garden looked lovely and your family too... all the best from across the pond*

  2. Well, Happy Birthday! What a lovely day you had for yourself! Here's to many more!

  3. happy birthday! and what a perfect one you had!

  4. Sounds like a perfect birthday! The grilled foods look delicious.

  5. Happy birthday, sounds like you had a really good time. Can't beat a family gathering.

  6. And many more to come with friends and family. Happy Birthday-you young!

  7. You are so have a wonderful life made precious by a wonderful family. You had the perfect celebration. Here's to you!

  8. Happy birthday, Linda! Irene took some really good photos of you, some of the best I've seen. My sister turns seventy next week, so she will be joining us in our decade. :-)

  9. Lovely lovely birthday day for you. You have such a nice family and they truly love you.
    A wonderful day in a wonderful life. You are blessed.
    Treasure it.

  10. I just knew you would have a special birthday party and I could not wait to see the pictures. You have such a beautiful, special family! (think I've said that before). That cake looks delicious!

  11. Beautiful! That sums it up--- you looked beautiful, beautiful family, beautiful yard and flowers!

  12. Loving how relaxed and comfortable you all are with each other! Happy Birthday!

  13. What a super birthday party, Linda.
    Happy birthday and aloha from Hawaii.

  14. Well, happy birthday. You had a great day on your birthday. Life is good. We have to keep up a good attitude.

  15. You had a perfect celebration! Happy, happy.

  16. Happy birthday Linda, fine family and it looked like a fine party too.

  17. Happy Birthday youngun. Ah to be 71 again.
    Poor Jake, that leg really keeps him on the edge of the fun.
    Looks like you had a grand time with great food and family.

  18. Oh yes! You do have a fabulous life. Wonderful, fun, sweet kids and grandkids, a thoughtful, fantastic husband, friends, health, a really perfect home and garden... sigh... And now a truly happy, contented birthday. I'm so very happy for you! Happy, happy birthday, Linda! Here's to another terrific year.

    Ummmm.... aside from poor Jake's injury though. I sure hope it all heals quickly.

  19. Happy Birthday to you! Looks like a fun day for you! :)

  20. Looks like you really know how to mix work and pleasure! Happy birthday, you look great!

  21. Happy belated birthday, Linda! So glad that your day went so well!


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