Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Garden Touring 3

Yep.  New header. I was sad to let that oak tree go, too, but it's time for some summer flowers, picked this morning from the Reeder garden patch. 

The garden of Nita and Kelly Walker is set on ten acres bordering Paradise Valley Conservation Area, in the Cascade foothills.

In this potting shed we found yummy cookies and the guest sign in.
 These giant zinnias were started in the greenhouse. 

 The greenhouse is behind the potting shed. 

 A friend was displaying her glass flowers for sale to visitors.  I didn't need any :-)

 There beautiful plantings led us from the front of the house around the side and to the back.
 There terraces led to a lawn and the edge of the forest.
 The deck overlooked it all,

 including this wonderful border of summer perennials. 

 Another border around the other side of the house was full of self-sown nicotiana and dahlias. 

What fun we were having visiting all there lovely gardens. 


  1. A spectacular garden! Wow, ten acres is a lot to care for but they do it beautifully!

  2. I love your striking header, impressive as is the garden. Some great planting. A truly beautiful garden.

  3. just gorgeous...love your new header-all the glorious colors!

  4. Another good one. My little patch kind of pales in comparison.

  5. Your new header is wonderful! I love all the pretty colors, and this garden is also very beautiful. I'm very glad I get to visit them via your blog and your camera. :-)

  6. Love the new header but do miss that old tree.
    Those glass flowers are amazing. Thanks for letting us tour from our A/C homes.

  7. Adore your new flower header. Those gardens up north all look pretty spectacular. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. You still have major blooms to show. this garden used flowers to show off color.

  9. Absolutely awesome! They must have learned how to make those glass flowers from you. That's an amazing zinnia.

  10. The Red Dahlias and White Nicotiana are beautiful together. I wonder what the wire part was on that glass flower?? beautiful gardens:)


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